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White people stole my car


Here is your explanation and answer about “White people stole my car” and “Black people stole my car”. It’s all about cars, no racist, no chauvinistic, and no bigoted. It is a big spammed to Google since the phrase began being a big search on August 19, 2009. It had become a very popular and trendy search term for couple of months. It also makes all the people wondering why and eager to find out the answer. Here we have found and will explain to you.

This can best explain like wave. When someone had started this search and pass on to someone else, the wave come, and it become bigger and bigger until now there are still searchers for this term.

To explain the mystery, the searched term was leaded to some websites that contain viruses and with more spam. The search engine has become a spam victim and so do people who clicked on the link. This could be spammer and virus writer, hacker take this great opportunity to attract searchers to their website and start to attack their computers.

What even makes this story funnier is some website shows the images of when a user search for “white people stole my car” the search engine automatically suggested that the searchers may have wanted to search for “black people stole my car”. In fact, that no longer happens and it may have never happened at all.

Car crime are everywhere in the world today, regardless of stealing a car or stealing the car parts. Any car criminal could be done by white people, black people, Asian where crime doesn’t have any colors, it depends on who he is. The moral of the story tells us do not judge or blame the whole village just because of one of the people who did wrong.

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