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What to check when buying used cars?


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What to check when buying used cars? This is best place to drop by and to learn what to check, where to check, and what to aware or take note when buying used cars. It is good to follow a check list for all car dummies or even someone that has a little knowledge about car, as you may overlook something when you are too excited can’t wait to buy the car. There is also a special check list for you when you are buying classic cars or antique cars.

Before buying the car

Make appointment to view used cars

Arrange to meet the seller at a suitable place with more people such as petrol station, place of work, or near to shopping mall. DO NOT arrange to meet the seller at any unused car park, this may bring danger to you. Some people use this as a trick to steal away your car while you test drive the car they have previously stolen. You will then trouble and have to go through all your car insurance procedure to claim back your car.

Raining day, poor light, night time, day with too much of snow…etc All these are not a good timing to view the car as it is very hard to spot bad body work on any cars.

Car Body Work

Look extra carefully and extra closely at the quality of the paint finish. Shinning, look new, or clean does not means body is good, it may just the good quality wax. A good tip is to use a small magnet with its face covered in a thin layer of felt to check for over zealous use of filler. This will not scratch the paint work also. A list of several things to check on car body:

1. Floor board or foot board. It is an area behind the front wheel. Make sure there are no holes on the floor board and also check out there is no one has jacked the car up on the floor board as this will spoilt the floor board. This has to check carefully especially you are looking for cars under 1000 dollars.

2. Door Panel. An easy way to know whether the door is in good condition is open and close it few times, then feel whether it is in right position or bad position. If the door in good position, it can be closed easily. Remember to check all 4 doors if you are checking on a sedan car, or 2 doors if you are checking on sports cars. After that, you can open the door a little, try to the door up and down and see if there is any movement. If it is, the door is not in good condition. Some reason may be the previous owner locked keys in car then they opened it in a wrong way.

3. Car hood. Check properly if there is any trace or sign of accident mark. Check the area under the hood also especially buying any old junk cars.

4. Car boot. Open the boot, remove the spare tires and check properly if the area to put spare tire is good in shape. Make sure there are no hole and no accident mark at this area. If it does, it means this car has been hit by another car from the back deep until the area. Check also the battery box for leaks and rust/acid corrosion.

5. Windscreen Surround. This is a main part to check if you are buying cars under 500 dollars. Check if the rubber is in good condition, and make sure there is no water leakage.

Car engine

Car engine is not something easy to check especially mechanical problem. However, there are still few symptoms any car dummies can check easily.

1. Engine noise. Try to listen for abnormal noises when the engine is started from cold. Any unordinary sounds can be something wrong to the engine. Check this carefully if you are buying impounded cars as these cars may be parked for quite a long period of time.

2. Exhaust emissions. Always remember the color of the smoke come out from the exhaust. White is normal, blue is not normal as that is oil burning.

3. Engine oil level. There is an oil indicator which you can simply pull it out and check the oil level. It must be in suitable level, not too high, not too low. Too low might due to engine oil leakage.

4. Oil warning light. The oil warning light must go off right after the engine starts. Usually in orange color.


1. Car seat. Dirty seats or carpet is not that important, just take note of stains on fabric seat as it is impossible to remove completely. Check underneath any damage to the seat.

2. Car Accessories. Check if all car accessories in its original and working condition. All gauges are working properly and also all mechanical things are working such as wiper, signals, rear heater…etc. Check properly if you are checking on customized cars. Check also if the stereo system is working properly, make sure there is not such problem like CD won’t eject in car stereo.

3. Car Alarm. Check if it is in working condition, car doors are able to lock.

Documentation and Paperwork

This is important to check especially buying antique cars or classic cars. Car bill of sale or car bill of sale printable is important for all the car dealing. It can be found in MalaysiaMiniLover.

You can also check out the Top 10 mostfuel-efficient and reliable usedcars, all in all, make sure you are buying a good ride without any car problems.

So, have you ready to print out this list to check when buying a used car?

used cars


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