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We guarantee you never see these Minis before


Mini pickup
A blue Mini Pickup with a unique and rare parts on it, can you spot it?

Mini engine
This engine is definitely a crazy one!

yellow Mini cooper
What is crazy isn’t the customized body, look deeply under the car hood. Can’t see it clearly? Nevermind, see the next photo.

car engine
It’s Cosworth

car sticker
11 and 177, here we go!

MINI Cooper event
What a day out for MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI Coupe, MINI Clubman, and MINI Countryman.

Mini Mania Mini
Mini from Mini Mania

MINI gathering
Can you spot the MINI Crossover?

customized mini
Another customized Mini from Mini Mania

green Mini cooper
No windscreen? Yes it broke when the owner on his way to join this event. Guess what? He drove another 100 miles without windscreen. Salute!

Red classic mini

yellow mini

It’s a colorful day!


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