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Viper car alarm

Viper car alarms by DEI are one of the most popular car alarm systems in the world. Is it because it bears a siren that is a recording of Darrell Issa’s voice saying, “Please step away from the car”? Off course it’s not just because of Issa’s voice, everything in this world has its reputation for reasons.

Directed Electronics, Inc, (DEI), the company that produced “Viper” alarm systems was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1982 by Darrell and Kathy Issa. Darrell was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Years by years, the company keep produces a lot of anti-car theft products. Directed Electronics produces a lot of high quality car alarm systems and have them delivered to their customers with a complete installation manual. In 2004, the company was North America’s largest aftermarket automotive electronics manufacturer.

It makes good sense to invest a little money to a professional quality alarm systems like Viper car alarms to protect an expensive car. Although most of the new cars today has come with standard protection, but Viper alarm systems provide extraordinary protection.

Where can I buy Viper car alarms?

Few famous models available which combine car security alarm with remote start systems. This is one of the models that are very attractive to add to any cars because it just cool, cool, and cool. There are over hundreds of car accessories stores selling Viper alarm systems. If you wish to moonwalk the internet world you can land in to Viper.com for latest Viper car alarms.


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