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This is the right place for you to look for vintage bumper cars for sale if bumper cars were crazily fun and enjoyable for you when you are kid. There are many types of vintage bumper cars still available for sale today in the market with the price range from $1000 to $100,000 depending on the condition as well as the age of the car.

Tom Wright's bumper car
The price for a vintage bumper car depends on several things. For example, the car body condition. Some bumper cars are steel body. Those made from 1920s through the 1950s are most valuable. Besides, a restored bumper car has higher value than an un-restored bumper car. Do not overlook these small-cute-little bumper cars, they cost more than you can imagine for a restoration work.

Since Max and Harold Stoehrer of Methuen invented bumper cars, it is really hard to imagine that anyone alive now hasn’t ridden a bumper car before. It still bring a lot of fun to adult or children today. There are many people wish to own one for their own collection, however, vintage bumper cars aren’t so easy to find. Here are some of it for sale.

Here are some of the real cool bumper cars for sale.

  1. 1940 Original Dodgem steel bumper car for sale – The car has been totally restored, modified and outfitted with a new 6 HP Tecumseh gas engine. It has rubber air inflated tires and working head lights. I bought it from Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio (see also amusement park bumper cars for sale). Call 978-906-4432 if you want to buy this vintage bumper car.
  2. 1941 bumper car for sale, please email for pictures and details g.crickon@gmail.com.
  3. 1959 Dodgem – fiberglass body and completely restored, price $5,500.
  4. 1947 Metal Euro model Lusse 12 volt – conversion with dual battery conversion & hydraulic brake system, price $7,500.
  5. 1953 Lusse Bumper car for sale – fully restored and mounted on a brand new Honda 700. The car has black cherry and cream paint scheme. The car also has 5-speed gear with reverse, gas and clutch pedals, working lights, extremely fast and 100% will attract anyone to turn their head to look at it. I also have unrestored vintage Lusse bumper cars for sale, one is 1936 and another is 1941. Location is at Atlanta, price is negotiable and can be contacted at bwestpoker@yahoo.com.
  6. 1959 Dodgem – fiberglass body, totally original and need restoration, price $1,000.

Please email us if you have any vintage bumper cars for sale and want it to be listed here.


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