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I wonder how, I wonder why, Yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky, and all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-car. Nobody wants a lemon car, here you can find out how used car lemon law works if you have purchased used cars that is very bad. The lemon law will protect you as a consumer. Every state has its own laws to protect their citizens from buying bad cars that do not meet the standard quality. Each state has different names for the law but the common name is known as lemon law where a lousy car sold through a deal is called “lemon”. It depends on which state you buy the car, some state lemon laws covered all the cars but some did not cover used cars, leased cars, or kit cars.

What kind of car considered a Lemon?

A car that did not run well, in very bad running condition with lots of noises, requires many repairs within the warranty period but the same problem could not be fix, or a car that do not meet the standard safety requirement by Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is considered a Lemon. In a nutshell, if you turn on the wiper but the signal on, if you step on throttle just a little bit but the car goes more than 80mph, if you step on brakes and the car takes a long time to stop, and you have send your car back to the manufacturer for many times to repair it but the problem still exist, you are having a lemon.

Different states judge a car as lemon by looking at how serious the defect is like Iowa, Montana, New York, Mississippi, Illinois, California, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota, In some states, a single defect that could bring serious injury or death is considered as lemon if the manufacturer unable to fix the defect within 1 attempt. On the other hand, if a car with 10 defects but still able to run well on the road is not considered as lemon.

How it works?

It is often lemon law is not cover used car if there car has no written warranty. The lemon law for used cars only works with written warranty. For example, the balance warranty from manufacturer, extended warranty when you buy the car from dealer, or any warranty given by the dealer in black and white agreement. For bad used car or lemon, see how many days do I have to return a used car, Iowa used car lemon law.

Tips for lemon used car

Keep the repair log. The repair log is important as a proof of how many times you have repair the car, when you repair the car, and how much does it cost to repair the car. Keep all the receipt and bill that the work shop or manufacturer gave it to you each time you visit.

Check the car history. It is a good practice to check the car history before buying it. You can acquire any car history and dealer’s background at your local consumer protection agency. Prevention is always better than cure, it is better to know what kind of used cars to avoid. This prevent you from buying a lemon and also have to spend a lot of time and money to go for lemon law.

Read the contract when you buy a car. Make sure the dealer state a warranty period for any used cars you purchased. Most of the state lemon laws do not covered used cars or leased cars but your rights is still protected under Consumer Laws if you have a valid contract between buyer and seller. What you need is all the documents of what the seller or dealer promised to give you when you dealing with him. Always remember there is no lemon law on a used car bought “as is”. Used car lemon law only works with documents and proof.
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