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Town car window repair


Here is your delicious A-list of cars information and parts needed for Lincoln town car window repair and 3 simple steps to repair the window easily with DIY. Details on how to repair, what kind of tools is needed, what parts need to be replaced (window regulator or motor), and what to aware of the repairs if you are send your car to workshop to repair the car window. The information here also teaches how to know when the window is giving you some sign that something has gone wrong and need to be replaced.

The repair seldom happens for new Lincoln car, but for older or several years old car it is possible need to change. The hints the car will give you is when the window regulator refuse to move up or down when you press the window button, or it is moving up or down very slow like something is stuck, it is time to replace a new one.

Step 1 – check out the parts need to repair

First find out the root problem before buy the parts need to be replaced. There are few general problems for Lincoln town car window. These problems are such as broken cable, poor lubrication or lubrication totally dry up, loosened fastener, loosened rivet or nut, loosened glass mounting bolts and regulator problem.It is common for some other problems such as grime or mud stuck at the regulator. Window regulator only needs to be replacing if the car run more than 150,000 miles on average.

Step 2 – Dismantle the door panel and window

Basically there are few bolts to remove and then you can remove the door panel out easily. You will see the regulator, glass mounting bolts, and rivets right after you remove the door panel. If your window is stuck in the middle, you will need a little bit extra patience to push it out. If it is broken, handle with care.

window repair diagram

Step 3 – Remove the regulator

Loosen the bolts that mount the regulator to the door and window glass then you can remove the regulator slowly. If you are first time doing this, please mark the position of all the components. Alternatively, use a video cam to capture what you have done.

Step 4 – Installing a new regulator

If you found your regulator no longer can be use, get a new one, price is various from US$20 to US$80 depends on your car make and model year.

Step 5 – Get the window repair job done

Now is the last step to get your town car window repair job done. Replace the new regulator to the position where you took out the old regulator in step 3. Tighten the bolt and replace the window properly. You will need to adjust the height of the window to the right position. Try few times before you put on the door panel. Done!

Tools and parts to repair car window

Here are some of the suggested tools you need to repair a car window:

  • Wrenches. Several different size is needed for different cars.
  • Eyeglasses. This is to protect your eye from any pop up components as car window consists a lot of small spring.
  • Nuts/washer/lock washers/rivets.
  • Drill bit. To remove pop rivets.

There are only 2 major window parts for general cars which is window motor, regulator and the window glass.

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Isn’t it is easy for Lincoln town car window repair?
car window repair


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