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Towing cars behind RV


Towing cars behind RV require certain professional knowledge whether towing cars with a tow bar or a car tow dolly behind the RV, trailers, or motorhome. Not all the cars can be towed by an RV. First of all, you will have to ask “How much weight can my car tow?” and “How much does my car weigh? It is important to know what is the maximum weight the RV or trailers can be towed.

Here we shared the top three types to tow a car with RV or trailers, which are towing a car with tow bars, car tow dolly, and flat towing. The main purpose to tow a car behind RV is because you can have a car for sightseeing while travelling with your RV.

Towing with tow bars

Using a tow bars or tow hitch is pretty simple. A tow bar mounts to the front bumper and sub frame of the car and another side is mounting to the RV. A tow hitch has a 2-inch ball. It will form a V shape with a coupler on the end. Put the gear or the car to neutral position and release the handbrake or e-brake. Check all the safety chains, it should be crisscrossed. If every is done, turn on the car’s double signals and you can start tow it on the road.

Towing cars behind RV with dolly

Tow dolly comes with two wheels and a single bar that attaches to the RV and safety chains. To tow a car behind TV with dolly, pull the car up on the dolly and use the straps clamp the car wheels to the dolly. Make sure it is tight and safe then only go on the road.

Flat towing

Flat towing is known as one of the easiest towing method. This is because it tows the car entirely on all four wheels. This avoids rear tires of the car get worn much more than the front tires. Simply hook up the car up to the back of the RV and you can tow the car. It is more efficient and uses less gas.

Best cars to tow behind RV

Off course any cars can be towed behind an RV, but one of the best cars to tow behind RV is cars can be towed with all the four wheels on the ground. Usually these cars are lightweight and it doesn’t register miles on the odometer while it is being towed.
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