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The Italian Job (1969)


In 1969, classic Mini Cooper was used in the movie “The Italian Job”. “Chaotic fun” is best to describe the movie starring Michael Caine as Charlie Croker, Noel Coward as Mr. Bridger, Margaret Byle as Lorna and many more actors. The movie “The Italian Job” is about a team of British robbers steal a truck of gold and try to escape all the way through traffic jam, police chase, mafia’s attack…etc All in Mini Cooper!

There were actually around 16 Mini Coopers been used in the movie, but there were only 3 Minis that appear most frequent in the movie which was red, white and blue with black bonnet stripes. These 3 are all MK1 Austin Mini Cooper S. These MK1 are using sliding windows (2 pieces), early type boot looks which is slidely convex, external door hinges and hook-type door handles.

The Mini Cooper and The Italian Job

Another famous part in the movie was the Mini Cooper going down from a long staircase and there was a couple wedding ceremony held at the church. The Mini Cooper had to maintain at a fairly high speed as it had to negotiate the steps at an angle. This part of the movie clearly shows that Mini Cooper totally defies the gravity.

A very exciting part in the movie was the 3 Minis fly across 50 foot building from one to another through a 60ft gap. The Mini takes off speed at 70mph. Once again Remy Julienne (the stunt driver for “The Italian Job”) had proved Mini Coopers could make the distance. This part exactly makes the Mini Coopers the stars in the movie.

The movie also includes some drift scene by the Mini. Obviously, you can see from the picture it is a three-point roll cages and the back seats has been removed.

These Minis was then climb up to a stadium roof top with four million pounds gold bullion in the mini boots. The car has been equipped with the BMC 180cc B series engine and BMC ‘Landcrab’ gearbox as the original cooper lack of torque to climb stairs.

The 3 MK1 Austin Cooper S is hiding among 50 Minis to avoid the police.

Some accident does happen in the movie


The police using an Alfa Giulias as police car keep on chasing these 3 Mini Coopers that rock from side to side along a sewage tunnel.

The 3 Mini Coopers was then getting into the back of a coach after escaped from police. This was done by carry the Mini at 75mph while the coach is maintaining at 50mph. What make this danger is the Mini Cooper’s tyres could blow inside the coach because the Mini wheels have to get in line at high speed. There were a standard Mini Austin that made up to look like cooper were thrown down to the mountainside around the end of the film right after the escape.


The Mini Coopers has became legend after Remy Julienne complete the stunt work on “The Italian Job”, since then he has not looked back. What I would to says, this is a wonderful movie that makes Mini Cooper as the stars!

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The official side of this movie: http://www.theitalianjob.com/


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