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Teach me how to drive a manual car


Can you teach me how to drive a manual car? Ok I will teach you, it’s very easy if you follow my steps, to learn to drive a manual car just like learning to ride a bicycle. Cars under 500 dollars usually are running on manual transmission, thus you will have to learn how to drive manual car before you getting these cheap cars. There are few steps need to be notice, which is the position of sitting in the car, starting the car, run the car…etc. The most challenging part is downshifting and traffic jam on a hill, which has makes most of the hot car girls driver feel hard about manual transmission car.

5 easiest steps

1. Getting started…

The position of sitting in the car is very important to drive a manual transmission car. This is to ensure that you are sitting at the right position to push the clutch with your left leg. The position is very important to reach 4 things, which is clutch, gear shift, break, and off course petrol pedal. For all the manual cars, just have to remember a “H”. Most of the manual shift pattern arrange in H pattern with 4 speeds (mostly classic or old cars), 5 speeds, or 6 speeds. The middle is always neutral.

2. Starting the car

Make sure the car gear is in “neutral” which is in the middle, and then start the car. Push the clutch (the most left pedal) all the way until the floor, and enter your gear shift to gear 1 which at the most upper left at the “H” pattern. Now is the time to press a little bit petrol and release the clutch (your left leg) slowly. Take note of the RPM do not make it too high or too low. General cars take around 1000-1500rpm to get the car move.

manual gear knob

Do not release the clutch too fast! Many beginners release the clutch too fast and make the car engine lugging and dead, then have to start the engine again. Most fun part to drive a manual car is to play around with the clutch and throttle.

3. Skills to drive up on hill

The scariest thing to drive a manual car for beginner is when the car stuck in the middle of a hill, especially there is an expensive super exotic sports cars stop right behind you. In this case, “e-brake” or the “hand-brake” plays a very important role. Pull the e-brake when the car has stop, release your brake (the middle pedal) once you make sure the e-brake is fully on. To move the car in the middle of a hill or a slope road, you will have to press a little bit petrol (petrol pedal) and release the clutch slowly until you feel the car is moving forward a little bit, then release the e-brake slowly. This has to be done simultaneously so that the car will not rolling backwards.

Release clutch + press petrol pedal + release e-brake = Make the car move forward on a hill.

4. Going down on a hill

You will have to use low gear when your car heading down a slope or going down a hill. This step will help you to reduce riding the brakes or when greater acceleration is needed.

5. Drift with manual car

This you will have to find out yourself once you have already get use to drive a manual car, and to make fun with manual transmission. Drifting allows you to drive sideways like how a crab walks.

Video on how to drive a manual car

Knowing how to drive a manual car can be a very fun thing, even though it is harder to drive if compare to auto transmission car. Practice makes perfect! The more you drive, the better you get with manual transmission.


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