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How to parallel park a car – the best video on Youtube

It’s not surprise that drivers who have been driving for years do not know how to parallel park a car. Parallel parking (some country called it side parking) isn’t something hard as long as you catch the clue – when to turn your steering wheel and which direction. In this video, it clearly shows each step in details and what to take note when parallel park a car. Measure the place, give signal, turn the steering wheel, pull in, and align the car to the best position. The video also …

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Stripped down an engine and reassemble in a two-minute video

Someone on earth, Youtube user nothinghereok, stripped down a Triumph Spitfire engine and reassembles it. Stripping an engine isn’t insane but he took over 3,000 pictures of every step he did just in case he forget which parts are fitted to which place. He then created this video using all the pictures he took added with one of the most notable music “In The Hall Of The Moutain King” from Edvard Griegs “Peer Gynt Suite”. The entire work took 11 months. As you can see form the video, the whole engine …