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1974 Ford crew wheelbase

1974 Ford crew wheelbase information is shared here! The Ford crew is rated as one of the greatest crew car that being build in the 70’s. During 1974, the F-series of full-size pickup trucks or crew made by Ford Motor Company falls to sixth generation model (1973-1979) where the truck car was redesigned in 1973. According to Ford Motor Company SWOT analysis, the most popular and best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years is the F-150. The F150 has also been the best-selling trucks for 31 years.

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Western Hauler Trucks

A lot of Western Hauler trucks pictures have been shared here. All these pictures show how great a Western Hauler is! These trucks are such as Ford Western Hauler, Ford Flex Crossover…etc The Hauler truck did not as cute as Compressed air car but as cool as Tricked out cars. Some of the car lover even makes the truck become pimped out cars.