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1974 Ford crew wheelbase


1974 Ford crew
1974 Ford crew wheelbase information is shared here! The Ford crew is rated as one of the greatest crew car that being build in the 70’s. During 1974, the F-series of full-size pickup trucks or crew made by Ford Motor Company falls to sixth generation model (1973-1979) where the truck car was redesigned in 1973. According to Ford Motor Company SWOT analysis, the most popular and best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years is the F-150. The F150 has also been the best-selling trucks for 31 years.

List of 1974 Ford Crew

During 1973, the model year featured with 2 silver-metallic plastic divided by an aluminum bar and creates the main grille frame. This has done with the spaced out letters “F O R D” in a thin rail that hooked up in the upper part of the grille. In the 70’s, the truck has been categorized to 2 different type which is the long bed (2-door pickup) and short bed (4-door pickup). Nowadays, another new cool truck is the Western Hauler truck beds. The F1XX series are mainly for ½ on usage where the F2XX series are more heavy use for ¾ ton usage. As for F3XX series, it is for 1 ton weight.

  • 1974 Ford F100 (Other models: F101 F102 F103 F104 F105 F106 F107 F108 F109 F10N)
  • 1974 Ford F100 Ranger
  • 1974 Ford F100 Ranger XLT
  • 1974 Ford F110 F111 F112 F113
  • 1974 Ford F140 F141 F142 F143
  • 1974 Ford F150 (Other models: F151) (Ford f150 repair manual online)
  • 1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab (Other models: F251 F252 F253 F254 F255 F256 F257 F258 F259)
  • 1974 Ford F250 Ranger 4×4
  • 1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab
  • 1974 Ford F260 F261 F262 F263 F264 F265 F266
  • 1974 Ford F350 Camper Special (Other models: F351 F352 F353 F354 F355 F356 F357 F358 F359 F35P)
  • 1974 Ford F360


116.8 inches (2,967 mm)

133.0 inches (3,378 mm)

138.8 inches (3,526 mm)

155.0 inches (3,937 mm)

168.4 inches (4,277 mm)


194.1 inches (4,930 mm)

215.9 inches (5,484 mm)

232.2 inches (5,898 mm)

210.2 inches (5,339 mm)

245.7 inches (6,241 mm)


1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab is using a dana 44 up front and a dana 60 in the rear as the axles

Engine / Year / Horsepower

240 CID Straight-6   1973-77

300 CID I6               1973-77

352 CID FE V8          1973-77

360 CID FE V8          1973-76        145 hp (108 kW)

390 CID FE V8          1973-77        195 hp (145 kW)

460 CID 385 V8        1973-79        200-220 hp (150-162 kW

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1974 Ford crew


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