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It’s just half of a Mini

Gary Houston from Newcastle, United Kingdom, has one really exciting Mini. The car is half of an ordinary Austin Mini. What? Just half? Yes, the ordinary Mini is small enough but this mini Mini is one of a kind. Two of these cars only need to pay one parking ticket because they are able to fit into one parking lot.

This mini Mini is painted in metallic yellow. The front looks like an ordinary Austin Mini but the rear seats and roof top have been chopped off. Down there, it was …

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Nice, unique and special customized Mini interior

The interior of a Mini is started with just a simple speedometer with odometer in the center. It was then added with temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge at both sides. Minis from MK4 generation and above received three binnacle meters and cars exported to Japanese market are added with air-condition. It has become more and more complicated especially MK7 but the size of the car remained the same.
Mini is a small car just like a sparrow but it is complete with all its internal organs intact – small but …

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Ten craziest modified exotic cars

All of us know that exotic cars aren’t cheap to own one. Some people prefer to collect them in their living room but some will spend thousands of dollars to modify them. Some people love them too much and not willing to step hard on the gas pedal but some will rape their exotics. Whatever your preference is, let’s check out these top ten craziest modified exotic cars of all time, make sure your eye don’t pop out!