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Cost to own a car vs. Cost to take taxi

Most of the people who depend on public transport in their daily life may think about getting a car for their own. Anyone can purchase a cheap car with low maintenance cost, low monthly car payment, as well as low cost car insurance. However, does one really need an own car when the public transport is so convenience at such low cost? Here we did a calculation based on a case study in Thailand.
In Thailand, the taxi is 35 baht once you get on it, every km after the first …

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Buy a luxury car to get rich?

Have you ever heard of buy a luxury car in order to get rich? This may sound ridiculous because it should be get rich and buy a luxury car but not buy a luxury car to get rich. There is a case similar to this had happened with one of my friend who works as sales representative in BMW showroom and he is willing to share the story here.

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Justin Bieber’s Ferrari

Sports cars and super stars have long been intertwined. Celebrity who made millions of dollars a year own any exotic cars is no longer something new or fresh, so does Justin Bieber’s Ferrari. However, a little collision or accident is definitely fresh news, especially for this young super star.

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Car buying tips: Buy a Proton Saga

This is a very good and useful car buying tips written by one of Malaysiaminilover’s editor about buying a Proton Saga. When a person plans to buy either a new car or a used car, many factors have to put into consideration. This article has almost all the factors you need to consider either buying a new car or used car. Hope it helps our readers here. The article starts here.

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Buying car insurance: comprehensive or third party?

Of all the financial products sold in the U.S, car insurance often is compulsory to have. But the question is, when should we buy a comprehensive car insurance and when should we go for cheaper car insurance like third party insurance, liability insurance, collision insurance, uninsured motorist protection, personal-injury or medical protection, no-fault insurance, and gap insurance. Here is the comparison and the differences between comprehensive car insurance and third party insurance.

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Buy car with cash vs. Buy car with auto loan

Here is another article for buy car with cash vs. buy car with auto loan. Previously, we have discussed which one is better in many kind of scenario. Here is one where we compare if you buy a car with cash and buy a car with auto loan and use the cash to pay off the auto loan. This scenario is unlike all previous cases, where you keep the money in the same place but you have to pay the monthly car payment from other source of income.