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Buy a luxury car to get rich?


Have you ever heard of buy a luxury car in order to get rich? This may sound ridiculous because it should be get rich and buy a luxury car but not buy a luxury car to get rich. There is a case similar to this had happened with one of my friend who works as sales representative in BMW showroom and he is willing to share the story here.

One early morning, I get up and go to my work place, BMW showroom in one of the states. As usual, there is not much of walk in customers. Right after lunch time, there are four teenagers who just turned 17 walk in to the showroom and I approached them. They are interested in expensive BMW models but not the entry level 1 Series or 3 Series. They are thinking to buy the BMW 7 Series, 5 Series, or the sports version BMW Z4.

Four of them started to discuss which car to go for once I have explained everything to them about the performance, price, parts availability, as well as maintenance. After about five minutes, they walked to me and decided to go for the Z4, which is one of the most sought-after sports yet exotic cars at all time.

When comes to the payment, they decided to share the car to four of them. Now I started to feel a little weird. A 2-door coupe sports cars shared by four persons? They decided to take equal loan and they have told me that this is for business purposes. They also try to sell me some packages from their multi-level marketing business.

After spending some time to understand what they trying to explain to me, I have finally understood the purpose of the BMW. Four of them are involved in a multi-level marketing business where they have to show people how successful they are with some really nice huge house and nice sweet cars. However, a brand new BMW Z4 for a 17 year-old teenager without any parents support is almost as hard as touching the sky. Therefore, these four teenagers have come out the thought of sharing. Four persons, each of them will drive the car for a week in each month to gain the image of “I’ve already success at the young age, look at my car”. As what they have told me, people would have willing to join their business according to what they seen. After some time when the business grows, they would really have 4 BMW Z4. So now, buy a luxury car to get rich is true?


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