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Mini rollover, eat some mud, and back on road again

Before the rollover crash
A red color Mini had a rollover accident during a classic Mini convoy from Kuala Lumpurto Pahang last year. The driver is believed lose control and leave the roadway and crashed in the canyon that is about three meters deep. He did not get pinned in the car and he is managed to get out from the car. A tow truck was there to tow the car out from the mud. No injuries occurred as a result of the accident.

As for the poor red Mini, it received …

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Justin Bieber’s Ferrari

Sports cars and super stars have long been intertwined. Celebrity who made millions of dollars a year own any exotic cars is no longer something new or fresh, so does Justin Bieber’s Ferrari. However, a little collision or accident is definitely fresh news, especially for this young super star.

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First Car Death

Have you ever wonder where and when was the world’s first car death? Karl Benz was the first person, who invented the first car powered by gasoline in 1886. At that time the Benz Patent Motorwagen top speed is already 11.81 mph (19 kmh) which is fast enough to hurt a people. However, the first person who died in a car accident according to history was happened on 1869 before Karl Benz’s car was invented.

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Car crashes into toll booth

Here is the video of craziest car crashes into toll booth happened in the U.S. and pictures of car accidents with toll booth around the world. It seems car slam into the toll booth is one kind of car accidents that always happen no matter where and what kind of car. Some of these accidents are fatal while very little are nonfatal, is it some kind of curse or because of careless driver?

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Bugatti Veyron accident

LA MARQUE, Texas: A luxury sports car that used to be the fastest car in the world with the base price of $1.55 million went into a swamp on last Wednesday (11 November 2009). The owner, a matured man blamed a low-flying pelican and a dropped cell phone for his veering his million-dollar sports car off a road while he driving and went into a salt marsh near to Galveston.

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Jayne Mansfield car crash

Jayne Mansfield car crash has brought all her fans an unforgettable pain memory since 1967 until today. It just like Princess Diana car accident, no one will ever forget about the car crash if you read about the news, see those car crash pictures, and some related videos before. Every of Jayne’s fans remember this pretty blonde girl who was born at Vera Jayne Palmer in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States in April 19, 1933. Jayne had become one of the leading blonde sex symbols in the 50s ever since …