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Some classic Classic Mini


Mini cooper
Now that’s pimped out car!

Mini Countryman
An old and classic pictures that we will never see the factory again.

Mini Wagon
Mini Countryman line up.

Morris Mini
A classic picture of an Morris Mini 850 DeLuxe.

Police car
The Mini is sexy, so does the girl who stands beside the car.

Mini in workshop
An old photo of a Mini workshop. Number 87, ready to go on the race track?

special Mini
A nice piece of art from Japan!

Mini diecast
Mini die-cast model for 12th Japan Mini Day Anniversary

Mini body shell
Only a Mini body shell, what’s so special that attracts everyone? It has something inside.

Chrome Mini Cooper
You don’t need to bring a mirror out if this is your car. How shining it is. Everything is chrome!

Mini wagon and Mini cooper
When the long “ass” meet the short nose.

Classic mini coupe
A classic Mini Coupe???

Mini Riley
Mini Riley line up. Where is the one in the middle?


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