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remote control bumper cars

Remote control bumper cars is the only car you can drive reckless, drive wild, drive stupidly, drive crazily, bump into each other or hit anything you like. Here we recommend the top 3 RC bumper cars for sale for kids. It is fun to play, cheap to buy, and definitely will leave a good memory for any kids until they are able to play amusement park bumper cars.

1. Kid Galaxy RC Bump n Chuck Bumper Cars

When you are not yet tall enough to drive a bumper car in amusement park, RC bumper cars are the best for you. The Kid Galaxy RC Bump n Chuck Bumper Cars are rated as one of the best and common rc bumper cars. This type of RC bumper cars looks futuristic and featured with a working fan at the rear of the car. It also has a driver sits inside the car wearing a tough helmet. What makes fun is the Bump n Chuck driver can be thrown off its seat just like real bump! A brand new set cost $31.83 and used RC bumper cars are available for sales from $25.

2. Jumpin’ Banana Remote Control Bumper Cars

You know this is the one that you want when you heard the name Jumpin’ Banana RC bumper cars. The design of Jumpin’ Banana bumper cars look exactly like the one at amusement park. It is surrounded by rubber, fitted with three sensor, and a loud car crash sound with LED lights will be activated when the car is hit by other car. Fun, fun, and fun! Price is at $29.99, but unfortunately the production is currently discontinued. You can only buy a used set. See also, vintage bumper cars for sale.

3. Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

Designed to be Shark-look-alike, even the remote control is like a shark fin in “n” shape. Big wheels allow the Morphibians Shark remote control cars to be able to run on solid ground, dirt, or sand. The car featured a 4 x 4 drive train with a dorsal shark fin on its roof, a pair of working headlamps, and a full function radio controller. Just place 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries to it and it will work! It is available for sale at $16.50. This is definitely the type if you looking for fun and cheap bumper cars with rc.


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