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Plug iPod into car CD player


Here is the simplest and easiest top 3 ways to plug iPod into car CD player. It can be any iPod models and it can be any car CD player with basic plug in. Other than that, an iPod can be plugged into car radio player or car cassette player too as long as the player has got an AUX input. It can be done easily with some simple technique.

Here are the top 3 simple techniques to play any songs from iPod from your car audio through the CD player.

Plug your iPod with converter

The easiest ways with a little cost is to get a converter. This converter usually comes with 2 different plugs. One side is to plug in your iPod and another side feeds audio in directly to the car CD player without any modulation. You can go for Belkin or BlitzSafe. It usually will not cost more than US$70. What you need to do is get a nice mobile or PDA holder with flexible stand to hold your iPod nicely!

Plug your iPod with RF Modulator

This can be done cheaply too. You can buy a RF Modulator from any car accessories shop cheaply and plug it into your car. The RF Modulator converts the audio signal from iPod into FM signals that plays through your car CD player, radio player, or cassette player. This is suitable for any cars audio that do not have AUX input. The price using the RF Modulator is in between US$15 and US$30 dollars.

Auxiliary connection to CD player

Get a male to male 1/8 inch to 1/8 inch stereo auxiliary cable from any car accessories or audio shop. Plug one end of the cable into the iPod where you usually plug in the headphones. Plug in another end into the car CD player’s auxiliary input jack. Note that this can only be done with car player that has auxiliary input jack.

Ways to plug iPod into car audio player

The top 3 ways is not suitable for you? Try out some more here.

Auxiliary to RCA port

You can always play your iPod in car with auxiliary to RCA port cable. Check out the back of your car audio player if it has any AUX input. If yes, get an auxiliary-to-RCA cable. Plug the auxiliary head into iPod’s headphones output, and plug the RCA/audio output to your car player’s RCA input. That just works!

Cassette Adapter

This is good and simple for cars with cassette player. The Cassette adapter comes with an auxiliary input to plug into iPod’s headphones output and just place the cassette into tape deck. The adapters shaped exactly like a cassette and the biggest advantage of using the cassette adapter is cheap and good sound quality. It cost only US$10-US$15.

So now you can enjoy more songs during driving, just plug iPod into your car CD player.
iPod with car CD player


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