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Get paid for car wrap advertising


car wrap with advertisement

Here are some tips to find some extra income by getting car wrap advertising in your area and some savvy way to pay off your monthly car payment with it. Do you know that you can actually sell advertising space on car if you own a special car that will attracts other’s attention no matter where you go? Sometimes the paid amount is better than to look for alternate part time job. Check out how.

Understand that most companies allocate certain budget to advertise their product. Some choose to advertise on billboard beside highway but often these advertising methods cost a lot if compared to advertise on few little cars that wrapped with their advertisement and drive around the area with lot people. Therefore, this has given a chance to us that we can make some extra money from car advertising.

What can I get these advertising?

  • If you own a special car in these category include antique cars, classic cars, or some other exotic cars, you can get paid to drive your car as you usually do with the condition to wrap a vinyl advertisement on your car.
  • Sometimes, car wrap advertising give free gas instead of giving an advertising amount. This could save up few hundred dollars in a month.
  • Some companies will put the advertising on their own car and you can get a car to drive for free.

Where can I find car wrap advertising?

It seems everything is good about getting involved into car wrap advertising. However, it is not as easy as you can imagine, a little skills and luck is required to get this great deal. So, how do I get my car sponsored?

The first thing comes in advertising is exposure. You will have to show the advertising company the car you drive has a high exposure and the route you drive everyday. You can walk in to any advertising companies or vinyl companies to give them your proposal if you have a worthy car, good driver’s attitude, high exposure, and good driver’s reputation. This is an effective advertising method and at the time some drivers are happy to make easy money from it.

Get paid to wrap your car with advertising

It’s time to get paid with your car if you are looking for side income to pay off your monthly car payment. Get paid for car wrap advertising is one greatest ways to make some money that you have invested to maintain the car. Yes I know you have spent $5000 on the car paint, $3000 on the audio system, $2000 on the body kit, $2000 on car accessories and many more.

Now if you stand a chance to get paid just to wrap your car with advertisement, will you do it? Some advertising companies crazily give very good offer up to $1000 a month depends on the advertising exposure. High exposure gives high value while low exposure gives low value.

So what to do to get high pay for car wrap advertising? It’s either the car has a fame or the driver has a reputation. Generally, advertising company would like to sponsor racer or drivers with high reputation. Michael Schumacher is a good example. Off course you do not have to be like him to get paid with advertising on your car. Owning any special cars like antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars, or exotic cars will attract advertising company since the car already attracts anyone’s eye and say, “Wow! Look at the car!”

In conclusion, do something that others will not do or own cars that others do not have will give you a good side income and get paid using your car.


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