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Olympic Diving Champion Guo Jingjing and Mini Cooper


Guo Jingjing bought a chili red Mini Cooper as her private car before 2004, she believes in red color that will always bring her good luck as what most of the Chinese believe. Guo Jingjing enjoys her driving whenever she back to her hometown. Guo Jingjing was then won gold medal in single and double 3 meter women’s synchronized springboard Athens 2004 Olympics. Her red Mini Cooper really brings her luck.

Guo Jingjing and Mini Cooper

According to China news, Guo Jingjing loves her Mini Cooper and do not want to change it to other car eventhough her fiancé Kenneth Fok (a famous HongKong tycoon) is able to buy her whatever cars she wants such as Audi, Mercedes or even Ferrari. Guo Jingjing even gets her car license plate that start with “JJ” which means JingJing as her name to the Mini Cooper. Her Mini Cooper is remains unmodified as a most basic Mini Cooper that manufacture back in 2003 just a year before she achieve gold medalist in 2004 Athens Olympic.

During Beijing 2008 Olympic, Guo Jingjing has won gold medal in Women’s 3 meter Springboard, and she won the championship in synchronized diving in Beijing 2008 Olympic. Once again, her red Mini Cooper brings her luck. Guo Jingjing became a national sports stars after the wining in Athens 2004, and this year she had even achieve more in her career.

Guo Jingjing is one of the best divers and most successful women divers in Olympic history and China people gave her a title as “The legend women divers”.


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