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New Disney Cars 2 movie


The new Disney Cars 2 movie is coming to town! Pixar decided to launch cars 2 movie on 24 June 2011 with more new Disney excitement. This time, the Piston Cup winner Lightning McQueen and his best mate Mater in tow will take the race around the world fast and furious. The movie is making the whole world as a race track for Lighting McQueen.

If you ever watch the first part of Cars that introduced in year 2006 as second Pixar film to have direct sequel, you will definitely get excited to watch Cars 2. Unlike the first part, Lighting McQueen was an arrogant racing rookie and he detoured off U.S. Route 66. This time, Lighting McQueen and Mater will need passport to travel the world and pass through immigration customs.

There is no information release from Pixar whether all other character like Doc Hudson, Sally Carrera, Ramone, Luigi, Guido, Flo, Sarge, Sheriff, Fillmore, Lizzie, and Chick Hicks will appear in the movie. However, the voices of Lightning McQueen will still starring by Owen Wilson and Mater starring by Larry the Cable Guy in the new episode.

Cars 2 movie

Sadly, Paul Newman who played the character of Doc Hudson died of lung cancer in 2008. George Carlin, who played the character of Fillmore, has also died in 22 June 2008. Therefore it is unclear whether Hudson will return to the new film.

Highlight of the new cars 2 movie is some new characters will appear in the movie. You will be able to see some new cars like Aston Martin that named Finn McMissile in the movie, who is a British secret agent that saved by Mater by coincidence.

Brad Lewis, who produces the Oscar wining film “Ratatouille”, will take over as director for this movie from John Lasseter. The first part “Cars” is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2006. In conclusion, for all cars lover, let’s wait and rock with the Cars 2 movie.


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