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My Mini engine blown, what to do?


Mini Cooper MK2

“My car engine blown off! I bought a bad Mini with no air-conditioning, disc brake. It is a local body Mini.” One of our readers from Malaysia sent us an email with the title “My Mini engine blown, what to do?” In the email, he describe that he bought a bad condition Mini where the engine blow heavy black smoke while throttle and the car shake serious while moving. On one early morning, the engine was totally blown and he is seeking for some advice.

Here is some price guide from some of Mini experts. For this case, few ways you can do it.

1. Change only the car engine – Mini 1300cc manual engine price is from RM2000 – RM3000. Engine usually lay on the floor and it is very hard to see whether the condition is good or bad. Therefore, it is very risky to buy just the engine or in Malaysia known as “engine kosong (pure engine)” or “engine lantai (engine on the floor)”. Make sure you have check the engine code properly with all the customs forms.

2. Buy half cut – Since the car do not have disc brake and air-condition, we suggest you to consider a 1300cc manual half-cut. Half-cut price are various from RM3000 to RM6000. It depends on what the specification is. Some half-cut come with full set of leather seats include front seats and rear seats. Some include rear sub frame, petrol tank, rear disc brakes, and sport rims. So depends on your luck and what you need.

Most of the people do new engine transplant will clean the engine before put into the car, there will be some cost like engine mounting, rubbers, oil seals, gasket, labor, and among others. In Malaysia the labor to do an engine transplant will cost from RM1000 to RM2000. The cost for engine oil, coolant, and some other necessary things must be calculated too.

It may cost RM3000-5000 just for the car engine transplant. Buying a half-cut engine + labor may cost you RM5000-7000. However, there is an advantage of buying Mini half-cut, car parts that is not needed can be sold in order to get back some money like dashboard, meter, steering, head lights, wiper motor, brake pump, alternator, water tank, clutch pump, and many more.

We will suggest you to calculate properly your budget. Many people spend a lot of money on their Mini and in the end the Mini still look the same!!! You will sure boring and give up because spent so much money and don’t see the car look better. That’s the reason why some people choose properly to buy a better Mini with higher price; they can then spray new color, or add new chrome car accessories. If your car still can drive and not so serious, don’t do anything, drive it for few more months and see how it goes. Some Mini with heavy black smoke still can be driven for few years without even sick. Hope the information here can help you. Good luck in driving Mini.


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