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Mini MK5/MKV 1985-1991


All the Minis that built from 1984 onwards to 1991 which following the introduction of the Mini 25, are fall into the generation as Mini MK5/MKV. Classic Mini MK5 generation was the era where all the limited editions of Mini cars were born. There are about 20 Mini Limited Edition were born in 7 years time. Basically the car body for MK5 is the same as the MK4, the major and most significant improvement to MK5 era was the car front has fitted with 8.4-inch disc brakes across the range. This has done together with the fitment of 12-inch wheels and Mini special wheel arch extensions, which make the Mini look more grips on ground.

Some of the major improvement to Mini MK5/MKV:

  • Front 8.4-inch disc brakes across the range
  • Special/Plastic wheel arch extensions
  • 12-inch wheels
  • Side repeater indicators were fitted to front wings for model from 1986 onwards
  • All models of MK5/MKV fitted with 998cc engine besides the RSP(Rover Special Products) Cooper that fitted with 1275cc A+ engine
In 1984, Mini 25 was introduced to celebrate 25 years of Mini production. There are about thousands of Minis attend Mini’s 25th anniversary gathering at Donington. From there, British Leyland changed their name to the Austin Rover Group.

Production of Mini 25
Details: Based upon the Mayfair model to celebrate 25 years of Mini production. Painted silver with ‘Mini 25’ decals and fitted with 12 inch wheels and front disc brakes.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £3,865 

Mini City

In 1985, Mini City has loses its central instrument layout in the MK5 generation. It is the last Mini that has the central instrument layout. Then the Mini Ritz was introduced.

Mini Ritz
Mini City
Production of Mini Ritz (Launched January 1985)
Limited Edition: The production of Mini Ritz only 2,000 for UK, 1,725 for export
Details: Based upon the City E model. Fitted with 12 inch alloy wheels and locking fuel cap as standard.
Color: painted in metallic Silver Leaf (MME -BLVC421)
Decals/badges: Red stripes with “Ritz” logos
Exterior Trim: Chrome, black-centered grille
Interior: Claret Red, Prussian Blue and Osprey Grey
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £3,798

During 1986, it is the year that the Mini designer Sir Alec Issigonis celebrates his 80th birthday. It is also a year that the Mini production has more than 5,000,000. During the year, Mini Chelsea and Mini Picadilly were introduced.

Mini Chelsea
Mini Chelsea

Production of Mini Chelsea (launched in February 1985)
Limited Edition: The production of is only 1,500 for UK, export amount N/A
Details: Based upon the City E model.
Color and outlook: Painted in Targa Red (CNE – BLVC641) with red and silver body stripes with ‘The Chelsea’ decals applied. For Japan model, it was painted in Silver Leaf (MME – BLVC421).
Decals/badges: “Chelsea” logo
Exterior Trim: Grey bumpers and door handles
Interior: Osprey Grey with red piping
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £3,898 (Mini Chelsea)

Mini Piccadilly Mini Piccadilly
1986 Mini Piccadilly
Mini Piccadilly Mini Piccadilly

Production of Mini Piccadilly
Limited Edition: The production of is only 2,500
Details: Based upon the City E model.
Color and outlook: Picadilly model was painted Cashmere Gold (GMD – BLVC422) with Picadilly logos and full width plastic wheel trims.
Decals/badges: Twin coachlines with “Piccadilly” logo
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers, black-centred grille
Interior: Bitter Chocolate, Coffee and Claret velvet
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £3,928 (Mini Piccadily)

In 1987, “Austin Rover Group” has changed the name to become plain “Rover Group”. Then, Mini Park Lane was introduced.

Mini Park Lane
Mini Park LaneMini Park Lane
Mini Park LaneMini Park Lane

Production of Mini Park Lane (Launched 16th January 1987)
Limited Edition: The production of is only 4,000 (1,500 for UK, 700 for Japan, the rest for others country)
Details: Mini Park lane painted in black with ‘Park Lane’ decals and tinted windows. It was produced with full width wheel trims. It is the well-known “Tennis themed Mini”.
Color and outlook: Black (PMA – BLVC90)
Decals/badges: ‘Park Lane’ logos on doors and bootlid, stripes on rear side panels
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers and grille surround. 12″ steel wheels with full diameter silver plastic trims and a chrome locking petrol cap completed the exterior.
Interior: Beige/Black velvet
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £4,194 (Mini Park Lane) 

Some images and advertisement brochure for Mini Advantage in the past

Mini Advantage
Mini AdvantageMini Advantage
Mini Advantage
Mini Advantage
Production of Mini Advantage (A.K.A Mini Masters in Germany)
Date Launched: 2nd June 1987.
Limited Edition: The production of is only 4,675 (2,500 for UK, the rest for others country)
Details: Mini Advantage came painted in Diamond White with tennis themed decals. It was produced with full width wheel trims. Tachometer, radio-cassette, tinted glass, opening rear windows with chrome surround.
Color and outlook: Diamond White (NMN – BLVC655)
Decals/badges: Tennis-net theme on lower body sides with “Advantage” script logo; Advantage logo on upper right of bootlid
Exterior Trim: Grey bumpers and door handles; black door mirrors; white wheel covers for the 12″ steel wheels; Nimbus grey plastic wheel arch extensions and sill finishers.
Interior: Flint Grey and Jade Green “Tennis Net” cloth on seats and door panels
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £4,286 (Mini Advantage)

During 1988, it is a very sad year in Mini history, Sir Alec Issigonis has passed away. Mini Red Hot, Mini Jet Black and Mini Designer were introduced. All these cars model are Limited Edition as well. The rear seatbelts was added and servo-assisted brakes become standard across the range. It is also the year that Tory government sells Rover Group to British Aerospace.

On February 1988, Mini Twins (Red Hot and Jet Black) were introduced.

Mini Red Hot Jet Black
Mini Red Hot Jet Black
Mini Jet Black
Mini Jet Black
Production of Mini Red Hot and Mini Jet Black
Date Launched: February 1988.
Limited Edition: The production for each car was 3,000 which each of the 1,000 were sold in UK and the rest were export to others country.
Details: The born for Mini Twins. Based on the Mini City and painted in red for the Red Hot and black for the Jet Black. Both were produced with silver wheel trims and tinted windows. Full width wheel trims, opening side windows, tinted glass, push button radio
Color and outlook: Red for Red Hot and Black for Jet Black.
Decals/badges: For Red Hot, Black coachline and ‘Red Hot’ logos. For Jet Black, Red coachline and ‘Jet Black’ logos.
Exterior Trim: Both come with Chrome bumpers and grille surround
Interior: Both come with Black velour.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £4,382

Mini Designer Mini Designer Mini Designer
1988 Mini Designer (Quant Mary) – (Click on the image to enlarge it)
Quant Mary Quant Mary Quant Mary

Production of Mini Designer (A.K.A Mini “Quant” in reference to Mary Quant-designed interior)
Date Launched: June 1988.
Limited Edition: The production for each car was 2,000.
Details: Style influenced by Mary Quant with stripey seats and ‘Designer’ decals. Painted in either Black or Diamond White. Tinted glass, opening rear side windows, leather-rim steering wheel and two vanity mirror in the sun visors.
Color and outlook: Come in White (NMF – BLVC449) and Black (PMA – BLVC90)
Decals/badges: Twin coachlines and “Designer” logos on the rear side panels and bootlid
Exterior Trim: Nimbus grey
Interior: Black and white striped fabric
Engine size: 998cc
Original price:

1980’s Mini Commercial Advertisement on TV – “Minis Have Feelings Too”

In 1989, Mini that fitted with Metro Turbo engine at 93bhp was introduced unofficially. It was known as the Mini ERA Turbo. There was a very big Mini 30th anniversary party at Silverstone.

Mini Racing Flame Rose Sky
Production of Mini RacingMini FlameMini Rose and Mini Sky
Date Launched: January 1989.
Limited Edition: The production for was 1,000 (each for Racing & Flame), 5,00 each )For Rose & Sky)
Details: Based on Mini City
Color and outlook: 

  • Mini Racing was painted in British Racing Green (HAF – BLVC617) with white roof.
  • Mini Flame was produced in Flame red (COF – BLVC818) with white roof. Both included a sports steering wheel and rev counter.
  • The Mini Rose and Mini Sky were painted in white with a pastel blue roof for the Sky and a pastel pink roof for the rose. All were fitted with full width wheel trims.

Decals/badges: All come with Coachlines with ‘Racing’, ‘Flame’, ‘Rose’, ‘Sky’ logos.
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers and black grille center (For Racing & Flame), Black bumpers and grille center (For Rose & Sky)
Interior: Black ‘Crayons’ fabric (For Racing & Flame)Pink and Blue ‘Crayons’ fabric (For Rose & Sky)
Engine size:
Original price: £4,795 (Mini Racing / Mini Flame) £4,695 (Mini Rose / Mini Sky)

For more details and photos of Mini Sky, see Mini Sky.

In 1989, again it is Mini 30th Anniversary, Mini Thirty was then introduced.

Mini Thirty 30
Production of Mini Thirty / Mini 30
Date Launched: June 1989.
Limited Edition: The production for each car was 3,000 and only for UK.
Details: Based upon the Mayfair model to celebrate 30 years of Mini production. The car fitted with Minilite-style wheels, security coded stereo, leather-bound copy of Rob Golding’s book (“Mini”)
Color and outlook: Painted in pearlescent Cherry Red (COG – BLVC843) and Black (PMA – BLVC90) and produced with special ‘1959-1989’ decals.
Decals/badges:  Coachlines and 1959-1989 crests
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers and grille
Interior: Half leather/lightning cloth, red piping
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £5,599
More Details and Pictures: Mini Thirty

In 1990, The Mini Cooper has back and it makes a return as RSP Mini Cooper. There are 2 types of model available which is the Cooper Carb or the Cooper SPI. From the RSP Mini Cooper, a mainstream production model is decided upon with minor differences. More information on www.mainstreamcooper.co.uk

Mini Cooper RSP
1990 – 1996
Production of Rover Mini Cooper Carb and SPI
Date Launched: September 1990.
Limited Edition: The production of RSP Mini is only 1,000 cars.
Details: Specification based upon the Mini 30 with similar specification engine to the MG Metro. Featured white bonnet stripes and roof. Available in green, red or black. Alloy wheels fitted as standard along with a black leather interior and red steering wheel. Became a full production model from September 1990. Mini Cooper ‘S’ conversion available from 1991. Equipped with single point fuel injection from October 1991.
Color and outlook: Flame Red (CPQ – BLVC1000), Black (PMF – BLVC644), British Racing Green (HAF – BLVC617)
Decals/badges: White bonnet stripes with John Cooper signatures, Cooper badges
Exterior Trim: Chrome Grille and bumpers, body-colored door mirrors and wheelarches
Interior: Black leather seat inserts, leather bound steering wheel, red carpets
Engine size: 1275cc (at 61bhp 1275 carb)
Original price: £6,995 (Mini Cooper Ltd. Edition) £6,595 (Rover production model) + £1,751 (Cooper ‘S’ conversion) £7,845 (with SPI engine)

In 1990, second generation of Mini Racing Green and Mini Flame Red were also introduced. This generation was fitted with Minilite-style alloys wheels.

Mini Check Mate
Production of Mini Racing Green, Mini Flame Red and Mini Check Mate
Date Launched: February 1990
Limited Edition: The production were 2,500 for UK (total for Racing Green, Flame Red, and Check Mate), more exported
Details: All three models similar in specification with Minilite-style wheels and appropriate body decals.
Color and outlook: Mini Racing Green came in British Racing Green, the Mini Flame came in red and the Check Mate was painted in black. All were painted with a white roof.
Decals/badges: Coachlines with ‘Racing’ logo
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers and grille
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £5,455

Mini Studio 2 Mini Studio 2 Mini Studio 2
Images for Mini Studio 2 (Please click on the image to enlarge it)
Production of Mini Studio 2
Date Launched: June 1990
Limited Edition: The production were 2,000 for UK
Details: Based on the Mini City model. Produced in three colours- Black, Nordic Blue and Storm Grey. Doeskin seat covers with green diagonal stripe, three-spoked steering wheel with unique green Mini badge. full-width wheeltrims, opening rear quaterlights and an R750 stereo.
Color and outlook: Mini Studio 2 painted with either Black (PDE – BLVC373), Nordic Blue (JVQ – BLVC863), or Storm Grey (LOZ – BLVC867)
Decals/badges: Studio 2 Decals, green stripe and three green dots below the window line
Exterior Trim: Chrome grille, black bumpers
Interior: Doeskin seat covers with green diagonal stripe, three-spoked steering wheel with unique green Mini badge.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £5,455

Mini Cabriolet Mini Cabriolet Mini Cabriolet
1991 – 1996
Production of Mini Cabriolet
Date Launched: First launched was on June 1991
Limited Edition: The production was only 100 cars.
Details: Originally supplied as a limited edition from the company ‘LAMM’. Produced by Rover from July 1993. Similar specification to Mini Cooper 1.3i model but with manually adjustable colour-coded soft top and Revolution 5 spoke alloy wheels. Produced with colour coded body kit and full length burr walnut dashboard.
Color and outlook: Pearlescent Cherry Red
Decals/badges: Cabriolet badge on boot. Coachlines with “LAMM” decals
Exterior Trim: “LAMM” body kit
Interior: Wood-grain dash, three-instrument binnacle, wooden door cappings and gear knob, Mayfair seats and trim, leather steering wheel
Engine size: 1275cc
Original price: £12,250 (Mini LAMM Cabriolet) £11,995 (Rover Mini Cabriolet)
Mini Neon
Production of Mini Neon
Date Launched: February 1991
Limited Edition: The production was only 100 cars.
Details: Based on the Mini City model. Full-width wheel trims, standard passenger side door mirror, R280 digital radio/cassette, hinged rear windows
Color and outlook: Painted in Nordic Blue (JQV – BLVC863) with pink and green ‘Neon’ decals.
Decals/badges: Coachlines with “Neon by Mini” decals.
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers, door handles, grille surround and exhaust tailpipe
Interior: Chevron velour with Neon badge on steering wheel.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £5,570

See: 1991 Mini Mayfair

Most of the Mini in MK5 was limited edition which the productions of each car model are limited. These models mostly was created to memorialize Mini anniversary or to commemorate the racing victory especially Monte Carlo Rally during John Cooper time. Every limited edition Mini models has equipped with unique interior and exterior as well as special decals. Mini Limited Edition is going to be seen by a lot of people, but, regretfully it is only driven by a few, this makes every single Mini worth for mini lover to collect it for a long long time. In 1991, the Mk6 is introduced right after the MK5 era has come to an end.

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