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Mini Electric Cars are finally out! It is a 204bhp car powered by electric and able to travel atleast 150miles / ~240km on a single charge and the top speed can go up to 95mph/150kmh. This version of Mini from BMW is called Mini E where E stands for “Electric”. Mini E is the first product of BMW’s project and they really did a great job as we can see the evolution from a Classic Mini First Generation MK1 produced by BMC becoming Classic Mini Cooper last generation MK7 and now Mini E. MINI E is a zero-emissions fully electric car and gasoline is not needed to make the car run 95mph.

Mini E Details

BMW will only produce 500 Mini E at the moment. Feature of this car are:

  • Horse Power: 204bhp
  • Powered by 150KW
  • Electric motor fed by a 260kg lithium-ion battery pack
  • Battery Packs: maximum capacity – 35kWh (full charge is said to draw 28kWh from grid)
  • 0 – 62mph/ in 8.5seconds
  • Top speed limited to 95mph/150kmh
  • Each charge can go up to 150miles/240km
  • Weight: 1465kg

How long to charge the car and how long it will last?

The battery that used for Mini E is placed at the rear seats in the normal model, thus Mini E has become a 2 seats car. This battery pack been used is 260kg and it placed between two axles. The suspension also been beefed up from the normal Mini Cooper to hold the weight. Therefore, Mini E weight is at 1465kg where usual BMW Mini Cooper weight is at 1135kg, a 330kg difference. BMW will provide wall boxes to Mini E buyer with suitable garage that will enable a higher amperage charge. This will allow Mini E owner to see the battery go from flat to fully charge. Surprisingly, the charging process will only take 2 and half hours to complete.

The technology of Mini E is wonderful, the Mini claims to feed charge back to the battery when the driver takes his foot of the throttle pedal so making use of power otherwise wasted during engine braking. This is called “Energy Recuperation” where it helps Mini E to extend its travel range by up to 20%.

When and where we will see Mini E?

According to New York news, New York City Mayor Micahel R. Bloomberg announced that BMW Group will credit 10 Mini E cars to the City of New York on January 15, 2009. These 10 Minis will be used as scout car in Street Condition Observation Unit. By now Mini E will only be leased, this is consider as a year experiment for BMW to discover and test what will be happen after a year Mini E run in real life daily. Mini E will apparently run a full production in 2010 or 2011.

This car currently will be assembled at the BMW Cowley plant near Oxford and will only launch in California, New York and New Jersey to selected customers only. Probably one day Britney Spears drives her Mini Cooper out to town she will see one of these Mini E.

This is really a great invent from BMW and it is not a normal project cars for sale. Mini Electric Cars really looks good, drives like, drives well, and a very quiet Mini Cooper.

Mini E
Mini E front
Mini E rear view
Mini E plug
Mini E interior


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