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Loud car horns


Here are the top 5 coolest and super loud car horns available in the market. These car horns can be fixed to any cars, truck, or boat. There are thousands types of horns you can choose to fix it to your car including the novelty horns, bull horns, old car horns, musical horns, programmable car horns, vintage altette horns, antique horns, brass car horns, trumpet horns, horse sounding, electric horns, air horns, and Seger horns which are now fitted to Volkswagen cars since 05 May 2010.

Here are the top 5 loud horns that are really really loud.

AirChine K3LA 540 Train Horn Kit

This set of horns is able to wake the dead for the utterly insane. The AirChime contains of a train horn that used on a locomotive engines, a five gallon air reservoir to supply as much as air, and a 400C compressor. The cost of this horn is $1,249.99. Kids, DO NOT try this on your ear.

Hella Dual-Tone Air Horn

It can be add-on to any cars easily. Impact plastic trumpets for durability. The horn kit comes with horns, compress with air filter, relay, mounting brackets, few easy installation instructions. The Hella Air Horn cost less than $40 dollars.

WOLO Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn

The Bad Boy Air Horn is one of the super loud car horns. It’s made of chrome plated steel but the installation just requires a handyman skills. The size of this chrome air horn is not big but it gives a loud sound. The dimension is 2 ½”W x 4 1/2 “L x 4 ½”H. Most important is, it just cost $99.99 with free shipping to 48 Continental in US.

VIKING Truck Trumpet Air Horn

Well, this is for someone who really wants a loud horn to wake up others. The set comes with 3 nice chrome trumpet air horn, a compressor, and a relay.

JUKE BOX 336 Musical Horn

For someone who is looking for a musical horn, this is one of your choices. You can play any of the 34 pre-programmed songs with one touch. Other than that, It is programmable and you can program your own song too!

Cheap but loud

Here are some cheap and easy-to-fix car horns. You can order it and it will be delivered to your door step and you can fix it easily. You can get a loud horn with less than $20 dollars. Now what? Get a set of the horn you like base on how loud you want and fix it to your car from all the loud car horns.


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