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Learning to drive a manual transmission car


Learning to drive a manual transmission car is something very easy as you can see there are a lot of pretty car girls wearing hot pants or tight skirt driving a manual car and speeding all along any highway in America or some countries in Asia. Can you teach me how to drive a manual car? Yes off course! Angelina will give you the 3 simplest steps to drive a manual transmission car easily. Here we go!

1. Sitting position

The sitting position is very important to drive a manual transmission car. You will have to make sure your left leg have enough space to push the clutch pedal (the most left pedal) as long as you sit in the car. Unlike auto transmission car, you will just have to press break and fuel pedal. Besides, your left hand (For some right hand drive country like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand… etc) or right hand (For left hand drive country like in US, China, Taiwan…etc) must reach the gear shift or gear knob easily. Remember the “H” pattern we teach during the last few post of “how to drive a manual car”? Always remember that.

2. The first gear run

The first gear is the most challenging part for a manual transmission car. Place the gear to neutral (where a car has no gear to enter at all) and start the car. Push the gear with your left leg all the way down until the floor board, enter gear no 1 (usually at the most upper left). Now it’s time to prepare to get the car move by pushing a little bit petrol from your right leg. Release the clutch slow while you pressing the petrol pedal. This has to be done simultaneously and in a good sequence. Remember! The car engine will stop or die if you release the clutch (most left leg) immediately or too fast. Too much of petrol from the right leg will cause the car go too fast too as it is in first gear. For beginner, go slow and steady is always the best way! Step by step until success!

3. The scariest up hill drive for manual transmission car

First thing in mind, don’t be scared when the car stops in the middle of a hill. Just make sure you have pulled your handbrake/e-brake (the brake in the middle of 2 seats). Just repeat the step in no 2, but this time added with e-brake. Release the e-brake slowly with your hand while you release the clutch and step on the petrol slowly. You will only fully release the e-brake when you feel the car is about to move forward on a hill. Remember the formula:

Release e-brake + release clutch + press the petrol slowly = successfully learn to drive a manual transmission car on hill


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