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Learning to drive a car


Learning to drive a car is something very easy especially for automatic car. Learning to drive a manual transmission car is more challenging than learning to drive an automatic car. The automobile technology is improving day by day and driving a car is no longer something hard like in the pass. Top 5 tips have been shared here to teach you how to drive a manual or auto car.

Tips for manual transmission car

1. Seat position

Most of the beginner overlook this issue and make them feel harder and harder to learn to drive a car. Therefore Angelina would like to repeat it here again and again to emphasize this issue. The difference between a manual transmission car and an automatic car is the “clutch”. Clutch is the main key, thus if the seat position is too far for the driver to access the clutch, learning to drive a car is no longer a problem.

2. Remember to brake the car with both legs!

1 leg on brake pedal, another on clutch pedal. This mistake always happens for beginners who just learn to drive a manual transmission car from an automatic car. This is because the automatic car do not have clutch pedal.

For detail learning, check out Teach me how to drive a manual car. You will love the detail.

Tips for automatic car

1. Security locks on gear box

Most of the new automatic car nowadays is having the security locks on the gear box that tap with the brake pedal.

2. Do not carry passengers.

Carry extra passengers for a beginner is not a good idea. Extra passengers always affect the driver’s concentration.

3. A big empty space

A big empty space such as parking lot is a good start to learn driving. It helps to bring away the panic in your mind while you see nothing around.

Notes for whoever learning to drive a car

  • Maintain the car. It is not just about learn to drive a car only, keep the car in good condition also a learning for all the car driver. Some of the car come with the repair manual, you do not have to repair it yourself but sometimes these repair manual is useful and save up mechanic’s time to Diagnose a car problem. Some of the repair manual or wiring diagram that available in MML is such as Ford alternator wiring diagram andFord f150 repair manual online.
  • Things to remember.
    Switch off the car lights when exit the car.
    Bring your driving license each time drive the car
    Park your car at legal parking lot and avoid parking it at illegal parking
    Pay attentions to others people or others vehicle on the road as well.
  • Sitting position.
    This is very important. Side mirror position, rear mirror position, all must be in the right position as different driver is having different height and body shape.
  • Learn from the owner’s manual. Understand how your car work is also another type of learning. Most of the car have the owner’s manual, some you can download online here: BMW z3 owner’s manual2005 BMW m3 convertible owners manualMercedes-benz slk owners manualMini Cooper Owner’s ManualFree Ford Mondeo owners manual… etc or you can direct go to the free user manuals.
  • Be notice of automobile Company recalls. Sometimes some batch of cars that produce brand new from factory will have some minor technical problem, for example Ford Motor Company Recalls. You will have to take note of these company recalls even though it is not something that happens always. Do read about Ford focus recall.

    With all the teaching, detail steps, and video online, it helps you to get a clue on how to really drive a car and even enjoy driving. However, you will still need a good driver school with driving instructor to be success in learning to drive a car.


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