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Jay Leno’s cars break down again


Jay Leno’s cars break down again! Jay Leno’s 100-year-old white steam car goes up in smoke last week on a street in Encino, California, forcing him to pull over to Chili’s restaurant. One onlooker said, “The car’s engine just started smoking in the heat and it looked like it was catching fire. Ironically, Jay pulled over in front of a Chili’s Restaurant!”

Jay Leno's cars break down
Few locals rushed to help Jay Leno with buckets or water as well as a fire extinguisher for the comedian. Finally, the car was able to get up and run in about half an hour.

Why we said “again” is because few months ago in June, Jay Leno’s 1963 Porsche on Mulholland Drive broke down and a bicycle rider saw it and Jay said it is the fuel pump gave out!

Loving old cars, classic cars, antique cars will sometimes bring a little bit inconvenience especially when Jay Leno is world’s famous cars collector. See Jay Leno car collection. However, as a car enthusiast, break down is also one kind of enjoyment!


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