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Find the top 10 most popular iPhone car charger every iPhone owner ever wanted. These car chargers are suitable for any kind of cars from family cars to exotic cars as long as the car has cigarette lighter or any 12V outlet. Some of these iPhone car chargers are below $5 while some are up to $30 dollars depending on quality. Cheap iPhone car charger often gives overheating problems and you will need to replace one very soon. Check out the top 10 here now!

iPhone Car Charger

Read the review and ratings for the top 10 iPhone car charger here and make sure you pick one that is best for you with best deal!

1. Griffin PowerJolt car charger for iPhone and iPod

List price was $19.99 but now you can get it for just $6.99 from Amazon. It is amazingly very easy-to-use. Griffin PowerJolt come with detachable Dock Connector to USB Type A cable that can be used separately to connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer. This means you paid $6.99 but you can charge iPhone or iPod during any car trips.

2. Belkin iPhone car charger

Belkin definitely build this for people who want a quality car charger for iPhone or iPod. It provides unlimited call or unlimited use of your iPhone during car trips. Market price is from $24.90 to $29.90.

3. Kensington iPhone car charger

Kensington is a brand that you will come across while searching for car charger for any Apple products. This car charger has 2.1 Amps which is enough to charge any type of Apply products including iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and among others. Market price is $26.90.

4. AT&T USB port car charger for iPhone 32520ATT

If you want a cheap car charger for your iPhone, AT&T has one here. This charger cost only $9.90 and it allows you to charge secondary USB charged device.

5. Universal USB car charger adapter

In our world today, the “Universal” technology is really making life easy. With less than $5 dollars, you can get a universal USB car charger adapter from any car accessories shop and have your iPhone fully charged during car trips. See also: iPhone Car Mount, Best iPhone Car Mount, iPhone Car Mount For Otterbox.

6. Kensington car charger deluxe for iPhone and iPad

It seems expensive but it is not. The Kensington car charger deluxe allows you to listen to your iTunes through the car’s stereo auxiliary port and keep your iPhone within reach. It has a flexible arm and cradle to hold iPhone/iPod steadily.

7. $2 car charger for iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPhone 4

Cellet CELL-CAN-003 connects the adapter to cigarette lighter and can charge iPhone or iPod easily. This is cheap but it also equipped with charging circuitry to protect the phone from overcharging.

8. Incase car charger EC20023

Incase EC20023, EC20034, H2917ZM/A, is a $23 dollars car charger for iPhone, iPad, or iPod. This is good for those who have three of these and would like to charge during car trips.

9. Cheapest iPhone car charger

The cheapest car charger for iPhone can be purchased at $1 online. It is Next Web Sales USB 12V2 3 in 1 USB charger kit for iPhone and iPod. Other than this, you can also find GTMax Mini USB car charger for just one dollar. Both of these are the cheapest iPhone car charger you ever found for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4G.

10. Belkin Dual Auto Charger for iPhone and iPod

This charger is suitable for iPhone 3G or iPod. You can get it for $15 to $20 easily almost everywhere. It comes with two USB ports (1-amp, 500mAh) to charge multiple devices at the same time 1-amp USB outlet allows for faster charging on iPhone 3G. It is a good iPhone car charger and best for those who look for fast charging.
iPhone Car Charger


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