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Iowa used car lemon law


We tell you how the lemon law works for new or used car in Iowa. The law in Iowa is slightly different from other states in America but it still protects the citizens from buying lemon car that do not meet the standard quality. Unfortunately, Iowa’s Lemon Law does not cover used cars. If you have recently purchased a used car lemon, you can still go through other types of laws that can help you.

Lemon law coverage in Iowa

A self-propelled vehicle purchased or leased and primarily designed for the transportation of persons or property over public streets and highways, but does not include mopeds, motorcycles, motor homes, or vehicles over ten thousand pounds GVW.

Repair interval and coverage period for Iowa lemon law

  • If a car has gone through 1 repair attempt for a defect that might cause death or serious injury or 3 repair attempts or 30 calendar days out of service for other problems.
  • If the car always give problems within 2 years or 24,000 miles.

The state’s Lemon Law is all in Iowa from Chapter 322G.1 to 322G.15. Here we only list the title of each chapter.

322G.1 Legislative intent.
322G.2 Definitions.
322G.3 Duties of manufacturer.
322G.4 Nonconformity of motor vehicles.
322G.5 Affirmative defenses.
322G.6 Informal dispute settlement procedures.
322G.7 Informal dispute settlement procedure.
322G.8 Consumer remedies.
322G.9 Compliance and disciplinary action.
322G.10 Unfair or deceptive trade practice.
322G.11 Dealer liability.
322G.12 Resale of returned vehicles.
322G.13 Certain agreements void.
322G.14 Rulemaking authority.
322G.15 Applicability.
lemon car

Iowa state law did not cover used car. See what to check when buying used cars,used cars to avoid, how many days do I have to return a used car before you made your purchase is better than waste your time to find out Iowa lemon law when you found you have bought a lemon.

Tips, tips, and tips

Get written warranty. It is useless in court without a written warranty from dealer no matter how much the dealer has promised you when you buy the car. Be smart, get a written warranty in black and white from the dealer and also request the dealer disclose any facts about the car whether it was a rental, salvaged, or wrecked cars. You may only stand a chance to claim against the dealer with written warranty.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has “Used Car Rule” that requires used car dealer to provide consumers with Buyer’s Guide. Buyer’s Guide consists of period of warranty, car information, and car history of the car you purchase. The Buyer’s Guide helps to protect consumer from buying any lemon car that is too bad to run on the road. In case there is any problems arise, you can go through some other process for a legal claim. What you need to make sure is you have the Buyer’s Guide with you all the time.

Every state has Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAP) laws including Iowa. If the dealer has been hiding the faulty of the car and made a lot of fake promises to trap you purchase the car, you can go through the law to obtain lemon justice.

In conclusion, keep in mind there is no lemon law for any used cars bought “As Is”. If you are having serious cases you should consider to look for any private attorney for better advice on Iowa used car lemon law.


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