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How to upload cars


This article is to show how to register to MalaysiaMiniLover.com and upload any cars related articles.

Step 1 – Register to MalaysiaMiniLover

Click on the “REGISTER” link on top of the website. It will lead to the registration page. Fill in the main 4 things which are user name, password, email address, and choose your country. If the user name or email already exists, the page gives a notification to you in red color word. Now hit the “Create Account”. An email with the login details will be sent to your email account.

step 1

Step 2 – Upload a car

After you logged in, scroll down a little bit and you will see “Upload a car”. Give a title to your story and choose the Make, Model, and Year of the car you want to upload. If you are not sure about the year of the car, you can always put “0000” for it.

step 2

Now give a short description with not more than 160 characters. Make it simple, clear, short and meaningful to attract user to read on it. You can now start your story in the text box, any html code is accepted in this text box. You can also paste any YouTube code here to link your story with any related video.

Tell the reader about where is the car located either the town name or country name. Last but not least, give some related tags to your story such as “cars” or “car”.

Now click on “Next >> Upload Pictures” to go next step.

Step 3 – Upload the car images

step 3

Click “Browse” (You will see the “Browse” button as “Choose File” if you are using Google Chrome as your browser) to choose any image and then click “Upload and resize image” to upload the image. Wait for awhile while the system is uploading the image. It depends on the file size. Larger file will take longer time, just need a little bit of patience.

You will only need to click on “Remove” which appears under each images you just uploaded. Images are optional to upload, you can upload maximum up to 5 images. Alternatively, if you do not wish to upload any pictures you can just hit “Preview”. Anyway, give a picture to your reader will just nice. Now hit “Preview” to go next step.

Step 4 – Preview your story

Now you can previous your story. Click on “Submit” to submit your story to MalaysiaMiniLover. It will take some time for our webmaster to review your story and approve it. An email will be sent to you once you hit the “Submit”. Once approved, your story will be appearing in the main page under “Garage”.

step 4

Hit “Edit” to go back to Step 2 if you want to edit your story. You can always login to upload as much as stories you like. Write us any feedback to malaysiaminilover@gmail.com if you have any question and suggestion regarding MML garage.


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