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How to buy a new car


Here we give you some tasty tips to buy a new car with low interest rate as well as how to get cheap car insurance for new car. It is not hard to buy a valuable new car even though you know nothing about cars as long as you do enough research before buy the car falls into your grips. Be a savvy car buyer could save you up thousand of dollars.

Step 1 Research new car information

First of everything you will have to know what kind of cars you want: passenger cars, SUVs, sport cars, trucks, pickups, and exotic cars. Consider also the power, the outlook of the car, fuel consumption, safety features according to your needs. You can start to choose a car base on the category and then search through some famous brand.

Step 2 Calculate budget for the car

Calculate the budget such as how much down payment is needed, monthly car payment, car loan interest rate, car insurance price, and future maintenance fee. Research your current car’s value if you are planning to trade in. Do not over excited to buy a high-discount new car but get a low trade-in value for the used car.

Step 3 Choose the best time to buy new car

Timing is one of the essential things in our daily no matter what we are going to do including choosing the best time to buy a new car. Do not buy a new car in hurry temper and take some advice on buying a car if you are not urgently need. So, when? The best time to buy a car is when the car price is the cheapest or whenever there is a discount such as holiday period, end month, end of model year, or end of your desired car’s design cycle.

Step 4 Time for a test drive

Visit some dealers around you after you have decided what kind of cars to buy. Almost all dealers will allow you to test drive the car as long as you bring a valid driving license. Check properly the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and ask for discount and extra car accessories. Walk to another dealers, tell them the best price you get and ask for lower price. Compare the final price you get from few dealers and you will know which dealers to buy from, that is a good way to buy a new car.

Step 5 Do not sign up for extras

Do not make mistakes by signing up extras thing for your new car. There are a lot little extra things that could add up to hundreds or thousand dollars in the end. These extras things that you mostly do not need are rust proofing, extended warranty, fabric protector, paint sealant, window etching, GAP insurance (if your down payment is high), and extra car protection.

Buy a new car with cheap car insurance

You have many options to buy car insurance other from the dealer that sell you the car. Request several car insurance quotes and pick the best. If you buy the car at $25,000, you don’t need to insure the car $25,000. This is because the car value depreciates by the second you drive it out from dealer lot. Therefore identify the best insured value will save you some money on car insurance too.

Buy a new car with low interest rate

You may choose to get dealer loan for your own convenience but that is not a MUST if the rate is unsatisfied. What you need to do is research properly the rate that other dealers or bank offer you to fight for a better rate. Find out your own credit score before negotiate for the rate. The chances of getting very low interest rate are high if your credit history is very good. In conclusion, buying a new car you need to predominate in the best car price, lowest car loan, and cheapest car insurance.


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