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How much is my car worth in Canada?


How much a car worth in Canada or any other places depend on many factors such as the car condition, make, model, year, mileage on the car, and among others. Those factors reflect the quality, durability, and demand of a car. There is some used car blue book, classic car blue book available in the internet where you can refer to check out the estimated price range of a car.

Generally, here are the factors that affect how much a car worth either in Canada or some other country.

Make and Model. The car and model play an important role in determining the car price. Some good quality cars will have higher price compared to low quality cars.

Year. The year of a car is to determine how many years the car has been running on the road. General cars older than 10 years are considered old cars therefore the older is cheaper. Classic and antique cars are exception.

Mileage. Mileage determines how many miles the car engine has been run. The more mileage a car has means the lower value it has.

Condition. Car condition such as the car body (is there any accident happen to the car?), car accessories, as well as electronic features (is it in good working condition).

Demand. High demand low supply = high price. If your car is highly demand and the production is not much in your country, you can sell for high price.

A good way to check out a car price is to check out the market place for all vehicles in Canada especially from all Buy and Sell website. You can find the estimated valuation of a car from online car guide website in Canada. A good tip for any car seller is to wash and polish your car and make it look good before letting any potential buyer to see it.

In conclusion, any price that buyer willing to offer and seller willing to sell is a good price for any cars without have to ask how much your car worth.


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