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How much horsepower does my car have?


How much horsepower does a car has? Here we tell how to determine how much horsepower your car has and how to upgrade it. Yes off course you can upgrade your car engine anytime to get greater horsepower but the question is can you handle it? How much horsepower you really need for your car? A standard car weighs around 2000lbs to 2500lbs (see how much does my car weigh). Therefore it will be very dangerous if you give over horsepower to the car.

Horsepower (hp) is a measurement of power output. If someone ask how much horsepower a car has, it means how much output power the car has. It mostly relate to the accelerate power and the top speed the car can achieve.

The horsepower a car is determined by the size of the engine. If you would like to know the horsepower of your car you will need to know exactly the model and model year of the car. Here we will break down different types of cars in few groups base on the horsepower:

  • Standard factory tuned car for daily drive usually under 300 HP
  • Sport cars, performance car, or exotic cars produce around 300 to 500 HP
  • For any cars that produces more than 500 HP is consider super exotic sports cars. For example the SSC Ultimate Aero produces 1183hp, Bugatti Veyron has 987hp, or Lamborghini Murcielago has 640hp. Check out World fastest car.

How to add more horsepower to my car?

You can always upgrade your car to bigger engine by doing an engine transplant. For example, from V6 engine to V8. Other than that, the horsepower can be upgraded by adding a super charger or turbo charger to the engine to give more power. Consult a professional before doing this. Don’t try this at home!

How to determine how much horsepower a car has?

The amount of power 1 hp has is equal to the power required to lift 33,000 pounds off the ground in a minute. 1 HP = 33,000 ft·lbf/min.

A great way to know exactly how much horsepower your car has is to check on the owners’ manual. Most of the owner’s manual state clearly how much horsepower your car has. Otherwise, you can check it out from internet easily.

There are many garage or performance shop offers “Dyno test”. The Dyno stands for Dynamometer which is a device to measure force, torque (moment of force), or power. You can simply drive your car into the garage and pull your car up on the ramp and test it. There will be a small fee running dyno test. A full result and a report will be given to you and you will know exactly how much horsepower your car has.


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