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How many days do you have to return a new car


If you feel you don’t like your new car and you want to return it to the dealer, that’s going to be a hard thing. First thing you have to always keep in mind is that there is no such thing as returning a new car to dealer if you regret of your buy. Do not let your excitement lead you to buy a car that you will regret and do not buy any car dealers push you to buy any car that is not what you really want. This has always happened to new car buyer especially those who are first time buying a car.

Buying a new car involve a lot of document work such as car registration, car insurance, car loan, and others. It is not a simple task for dealer to allow anybody to return a car if they regret of their buy. Read some car buying tips will always help you to understand more before go to any car dealer.

Anyway, do not get too sad about what mentioned above. There are still some ways where you are eligible to return a new car back to dealer if something is unsatisfied. Standard buyer’s remorse for new car will give three to seven days to return a new car with warranty contract if the car is having problem or it did not meet the standard safety requirement by Federal law under new or used car lemon law. You can’t simply return a car if the reason is on yourself such as you don’t like the colors, the design, bla, bla, bla.

Keep in mind that when you drive the car off, you own it. Besides the dealer has a policy and it clearly stated in the contract that you can actually return the car if it is not satisfy. Therefore, do not let the excitement cover up your calm mind when buying a car.

Return a new car, possible?

The so called “Cooling Off Period”, “3 Days money back guarantee”, “72 hours return” for a completed car purchases is not exists anywhere in this world if there is no policy or valid contract between the seller and buyer.

However, in some states like California, the dealerships are requiring to offer their customers an option to purchase a 3-day return policy. In such case, you can return your car if you have purchased the option or you can sue the dealer if they did not offer this option to you while you purchasing the car. See also how many days do I have to return a used car.

In conclusion, check carefully everything before you signed the purchase agreement. Check properly is interest rate is too high? Is the length of financing is too short? Is the car price is sky high? Is the car is what you want? Read more guides to help you save time and money by making smart choices! Spend 5 minutes to read more is always better than spending days or months to find out how to return a car.
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