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How do I get my car on overhauling?


Here is your delicious answer for the question that most of the cars lover will ask “How do I get my car on overhauling?” Overhauling a car has become easier because the technology nowadays has become very practical as long as you send your car to the right shop or right person. There are basically few ways to get a car overhauled and drive it problem free in your daily life. First is to get the user manual, repair manual, needed tools and overhaul the car yourself. Second is send the car to an experienced mechanic to get the work done for you, but at least you needs to have some knowledge before sending your car to anyone. This is to avoid cheated by mechanic and also get a better work. Let’s check out some details!

There are few ways you can get your car on overhauling and pimped!

Overhaul the car by yourself

Overhauling a car engine is a lifelong project, it could take you up to months. It is different from kit cars where you can assemble the car in a shorter time. Remember the Cobra kit cars we mentioned before? The whole car can be assembled in just 7 hours. What you need to get your car on overhauling:

  1. An empty space to get work done
  2. Appropriate and complete tools suitable for your car. For example: Spanner size for your car, hydraulic jacks, and among others.
  3. A correct repair manual, user manual, electric diagram for your car.

Send to mechanic to overhaul the car

Things will be easier if you are not a professional or you do not have any knowledge on overhauling a car. It is recommended sending the car to any near by mechanic to get the works done.

Overhaulin’ American automotive reality TV show

This is one of the most famous American automotive reality TV show that ran for 5 seasons since 2004 until 2009. It is a funny yet very meaningful show for all car lovers. The show’s hosts by 2 famous automobile designers Chip Foose and Chris Jacobs. Eventually the friends or family of the “victim” (people who own old/classic car that look bad) will nominate the car to this show to be “Overhauled” by telling the victims the car has been stolen or lost with some reason.

Both of the host will then overhaul the car and make it look awesome like pimped out cars. Some of the famous cars been overhauled in the shows are such as Pontiac GTO. If you would like to propose any cars to be picked up for this show, you will have to submit the application through their official website at www.chipfoose.com.

What to prepare for my car on overhauling?

No matter what your choice is, whether 1, 2 or 3 from the above, you will still need to do enough preparation before go for engine overhauling.

1. Think and consider again does the car really reach its time to get overhaul? For example the mileage has over few hundred thousands, the engine has sound noisy, the engine oil always leaking, the exhaust shows some weird white color smoke every morning.

2. Located a suitable place to work. Bigger space allows a better working environment for you to work on the engine and also enough space to store engine parts or any car accessories.

3. Overhaul means to examine or go over carefully for needed repairs. Therefore, you will need to know all your engine parts and know where to order these parts for replacement. For engine, the usual engine parts to be replaced or serviced is piston ring, piston (if needed), engine head, engine block, crankshaft, camshaft, gasket, plug, engine oil, gear oil and among others. Please check this carefully with your mechanic or from the car owner’s manual.

4. Get few quotations from different machine shops. The initial estimation price base on their inspection to your car can roughly tell how much budget you will need to prepare.

Last but not least, it is time to prepare your mood to get a brand new cool car!
overhauling muscle car


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