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How are cars built?


How are cars built and how cars are built is explained here with a video. We explain through a detail list of what a basic car has. Those interesting parts are such as car design, how car body, door, bonnet, hood, engine, chassis, frame, wheels are built and what kind of material is used to make these components of a car.

Most of the cars are built through an assembly line process in automobile plant. There are only small amount of cars are built by some car enthusiasts in their own garage and usually these cars are kit cars. Here we show parts by parts of how cars are built.

Car design

The design of a car is consider as the first step of everything to build a car. Car designer will have to take up the task of creating a car that suits the market. The design is unlimited and everything depends on creativity. It can be a small car, medium-size car, SUV, 4WD, sports cars, exotic cars, electric cars, or anything as long as automobile fans love it.

Car body

Most of the car body is made of steel, monocoque, or aluminum. The body weld shop is the first stage in assembly line which included the major body panels like the floor, roof, and side panels.

Bonnet and doors

Bonnet is the part of a car that covers the engine. Most of the bonnets are made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. The doors will be bolt on the body right after the body is done.

How hood are built

Next stage is to place the hood. Hood refers to the part that placed over the engine and passenger compartment of a car. This part usually is made of steel or aluminum but some other manufacturer uses fiberglass, carbon fiber or dry carbon to give a lighter weight to the car.

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Car chassis and frame

Most of the cars chassis are built by humans hand and machines which programmed by professional from an assembly line. It is only a small amount of cars are fully built by hand and these cars are usually limited edition exotic cars and sell at very high price due to the time it takes to build one car. The chassis is one of the most significant components of a car. Most of the car chassis or frames are built from steel plated monocoque.


Subframe is a structural component of a car which its function is to carry certain component such as engine, drivetrain, suspension, transmission. The subframe is usually bolted to the car body with bushings and absorber to dampen vibration.


Basic car engine parts are spark plug (supplies the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture to allow combustion occur), Valves, piston, piston rings, connecting rod, crankshaft, and sump. The engine is built separately and it will be bolted to the car together with some other parts like fuel injection system, generator, exhaust pipes, drive shaft, suspensions and steering mechanism, braking system, and axles.


Next stage is to fit in the wheels. Wheels of a car are considered as one of the eye-catching part to a car. The wheels size is designed properly to fit nicely to the car with the correct size. However, there are many after market wheels available for car enthusiasts to change it base on their own preference.


The interior is where the drivers and passenger will be seated. It assembled in a logical order. Floor carpets, windshields, door glass, heater at rear windshields, air conditioning, gas and brake pedals, lighting, wiring, instrument panels, steering wheels, and a set of comfortable car seat. Now the car is ready for testing, checking, and steering alignment.

cars built diagram


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