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Honda Accord drift crazily in Saudi


Can Honda Accord or Toyota Camry drift in perfect way? Have you ever seen that? Here is one of the craziest driving video showing people how a Honda Accord can be drift not just in high speed but also in cool style. Watch this video closely and you can see many scary but pretty impressive actions. They dart the car in-and-out of traffic among busses, cars, and loaded trucks. They also fire assault rifles into the air. This is really crazy and never seen before.

Some people drift for competition, some people do stunts for movie, while there are some people drive and drift crazily just purely for fun and entertaining the audience who stand beside the road.

It is impressive although it is hasty, reckless, and crazy. Why we say impressive is because they do not use any cars in the list of top 10 drift cars. Only a front-wheel-drive (FR) family car, Honda Accord, but their action is cool and should be only found in movie. Many people who own a drift car drive it for 30mph just to protect the car but did not drive it in the way of how it should be. As you can see in the video, the driver yet drifter control the gear with handbrake perfectly to make the car drift nicely with some sand on the road. He also makes the car spin nicely that only Mr. Bean can do it with his classic Mini.

Although the gas price affect the living cost in many other countries that do not have gas, but it does not affect Saudi. Whatever it is, don’t try this at home, don’t even think about it although you have a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. DON’T!


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