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A good way to customize a car is to add some fun car accessories and cool car accessories that make the car look different from others. It is fun and very enjoy if you choose some very special car accessories that could not find in other cars. Here we list out the top five things that are cheap and you can easily change to make the car look cool and fun!

Check out these top six car accessories that are cheap to buy but fun to play and make any cars look fun and customized.

1. Air fresher that doesn’t look like air fresher

fun car accessories

It is fun to decorate a car with an air fresher that do not look like an air fresher. Some look like a football, some look like a flower that hang in front of the air-condition blower. Alternatively, you can buy the charcoal type which will give you the natural air you want.

2. Car wheel covers

It is expensive to change a new set of wheels or sports rims but it is cheap to buy any kind of wheel covers you want. There are some nice wheel covers available in the market that will make your rims look shining. On top of that, you can also add a set of cool tire valve caps to make your wheel looks cool. They are very cheap to buy and can be purchased almost everywhere.

3. Steering wheel covers

The steering wheel cover is one of the most fun car accessories. It is cheap to change and always give the driver a fresh feeling when driving the car. Be it sheep skin, PVC or genuine leather.

4. Fun car stickers and decals

With few dollars, you can get any customized car stickers, car window decals, or car body decals. There are many fun word stickers available for sale in the market that you can just buy and stick to the car. Some people will stick the word “if you can read this, you are following me too close” at their boot.

5. Car seat covers

Hawaiian car seat covers with all kinds of Hawaiian car accessories will make a car become “Tropical”. Other types that available in the market are the sheepskin car seat covers, tiger look, girly look, or pink color style. Make sure you select one that matches the interior of your car.

6. Cheap and fun car accessories

Many websites give big discounts if you purchase any car accessories online such as Amazon, Taobao or eBay. It is good to shop online and get the accessories delivered to your door steps with few clicks in front of computer.
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