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Here you can found tons of latest concept cars details, short description, images, list of Ford concept cars, and some Ford future cars. Ford has been in the automobile market for more than a century since Henry Ford built his first car in 1896. Recent year, there are many concept cars has been designed and plan to roll on the production. Here we picked up the top 5 concept cars from Ford for the coming years.

1. Ford Refl3x Concept

Ford Refl3x

It is read as the Ford Reflex concept. The Refl3x concept is a small-size sports car created by Ford to demonstrate small can be BIG in the future. It is a fun to drive and practical to use.

2. Giugiaro Ford Mustang Concept

Giugiaro Ford Mustang

The Giugiaro Ford Mustang Concept is another luxury sports cars based on the Ford Mustang GT. The Mustang has been a success since 60’s muscle cars until recent year it still hot among car enthusiasts especially when it appears in the famous movie “Transformer”. The Mustang Concept is wider by 30 mm up front and 80 mm in the rear with fender flares front and rear capped by a sharp body line.

3. Ford Start Concept

Ford Start

It is getting more and more cool when you look at the Ford Start Concept. Ford Start Concept first appeared at 2010 Beijing Motor Show. It is a small-size two-door coupe that was designed to target people who look for an affordable car. The body is made from recyclable composites that molded the color into it.

4. Ford 021c

Ford 021c

Concept cars are usually referring to future cars if the car successfully marketed. Car enthusiasts are happy to see some cool appearance car, but sometimes they will be happier if the car has come with a cool name or cool code like the Ford 021c. The 021C is an urban concept car that are honest, simple, and an engaging car to target young people.

5. Ford Iosis Concept

Ford Iosis

Automobile world is fun because of exotic cars, sports cars, muscle cars, and also luxury cars. Ford Iosis is considered as a luxury exotic sports cars that have superb appearance. The Iosis looks like a 2-door car but it actually has four doors that can be opened in a very cool way.


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