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simple car drawing
Draw simple cars can be very easy with simple mind, simple tools such as a pencil and eraser, and a simple heart that love cars. We taught a lot of simple 5 steps technique as example to draw any cars such as cartoon cars, classic cars, muscle cars, as well as some great sports cars. These techniques can bring you a little happiness as well as the feeling of successful by getting a car drawn on a paper by your own. Let’s see how to draw some simple cars.

Even though it is just a simple drawing, you will still need 3 major things which is “Imagination, Creativity, and Passion”. You can simply click on one of the topic below, it will lead you to draw different types of cars:

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Car no 1 – Draw a simple sedan car

Here we share a car drawing that base on a Toyota Vios/Soluna. If you notice the picture below, you will first draw the shape of the car, and then add 2 circles as the front wheel, and another 2 simple circles as the rear wheel. Draw the front head lamp, grill, fog lamp (optional), as well as a rectangle as the car body kits. Now, complete the art by drawing 2 small rectangle to form the side mirrors, and 2 very simple hyphens (“-“) as the door handle.

car drawing

Car no 2 – Draw a 4 door traveler car

Now we can learn to draw a little bit more. Follow the image here to draw the car. Once you have completed the initial drawing (thin line technique), you can darken the line and draw some shadow. Additional antenna will make the car look more lively. You know what makes fun is there is no law in drawing, you can draw a stack of boxes on top of the car to make it look more vivacious.

car drawing

Isn’t it easy too? You can check out the some of the Japanese concept car if you want to get more ideas and learn more about how to draw simple cars.

Draw simple classic cars

Alright, it’s time to learn some drawing technique for classic cars. Here we use a classic famous Austin 7 as example as it is one of the well-known car used by most of the rich man long time ago. Draw a classic car are unlike modern car, as we know classic car’s shape are totally different from modern car like those super exotic sports cars. The shape for Austin 7 is much squarer than Ferrari, nothing to compare. Prepare a ruler if you are beginner. You can also print this image out, put your paper on top of the car image, then follow the line to draw the car.

Ford car drawing

So, have you learnt how to draw simple cars?

car drawing


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