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Here is your delicious A-list of Cobra kit cars and accessories available all around the world and a video showing how these kit cars are assemble step by step. The original AC Cobra was a British built sports car that was produced and introduced to the world during the 1960s and rocks the world for almost half a century until today. The design, the shape, the outlook, the sounds of the engine and among others makes most of the car lovers crazy about this car. (See why people love cars)

If you look at the list of car names, Cobra, Cobra, the name has won many car enthusiasts’ heart. Cobra is one kind of snake characterized by the ability to flatten the neck into a hood like form. It represents fierce, violent, and strong.

Whole set of kit cars for Cobra has been available in the market more than 10 years. The available kit is from MKI, MKII, and MKIII Roadster. Back in 90’s, people started to choose for kit cars or replicas because of the price are cheaper and it is easily to order from several famous website.

Until today, Cobra kit cars and replicas become a hobby for car lovers. People buy whole set of car kit, user manual, and customized parts to build the car at own garage on their vacation. Anyway, Ford, Shelby and Cobra are registered trademarks of the Ford Motor Company even though replicas and kit cars are common today.

List of engine can be fitted to Cobra kit cars

Ford engine: Ford 460 4v, Ford 392w stroker, Ford 347 stroker, Ford 351 4v, Ford 302 4v, Ford 460 CJ, Ford 351c stroker, Ford 4.6L s/c, Ford 351w 4v,

Chevrolet engine: Chevy 350 4v, Chevy 454, Chevy 502

Where to buy Cobra kit cars?

Factory Five Racing. A U.S base company founded back in 1995 that specialized in building and selling replicas kit cars for AC Shelby Cobra and some other special vintage car. The company located in Wareham, Massachusetts. Available kid are Cobra MK3, ’33 Hot Rod, GTM Supercar, 65 Coupe Base, Challenge Series Racer and among others. The base price is start from US$12,990.

Lone Star Classics. A company base in Fort Worth, Texas who specialized in manufacturing Cobra replica. A-list of special replicas is such as the famous LS427 Roadster, LS32 Highboy, Route 66 Roadster, Mercedes-Benz LS300, The Growler and some other great hot rod. The total kit price for LS427 is roughly US$18,995 with almost everything you need to build up the car.

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Do not overlook the kit cars until you try the performance. Sometimes it’s not just the performance, it is the satisfaction of building a car by your own hand and drives it out! Check out the video here and you may want to get Cobra kit cars!


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