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Car winter storage


Winter is coming again and here are your delicious top 10 car winter storage tips that help you to store your car well in very low cost. Often car storage seems to be something easy but there are actually few things to do to really maintain the car well especially during winter time. How to prepare your car for winter storage is important because winter time more wet and it cause car rust faster. Unless you have budget to go for car storage rental or else should learn these tips up.

car in winter
Straight to the point now, here are the top 10 things to do to store any cars for the winter season.

1. Prepare a good place for storage

First of everything is to prepare a clean and nice place. An ideal place is concrete built garage. Prepare a plastic on the floor to cover the underneath of the vehicle.

2. Change the car fluids

Next is to change all the fluids including the engine oil, oil filter, engine coolant, clutch fluid, brake fluid, and also windshield water. The reason to change these fluids is because moisture will evaporate out of the oil and condense on the engine internals and cause corrosion if old oil left in the engine. Start the engine and let it run awhile for the oil to circulate and shut off the car.

3. Loosen the spark plugs

Loosen the spark plugs and spray some oil to the sparkplug holes, WD-40 will be a good choice. This is to prevent the sparkplug rings from rust.

4. Increase tire pressures

Check your tire maximum pressures and increase it to 80% of the maximum pressure, for example, 40PSI. This helps to prevent the tire becoming flat. Some said the best way for car winter storage is to use jack stands to jack up the car and store it. This is pretty much depends on personal.

5. Fill up the gas

Fill up the gas to full tank. This will save the fuel system from oxidation and also dislocate any water in the fuel system.

Wait, there are still some more work to do to keep the car in good condition.

6. Clean the car

Wash and clean the car inside out. Do not leave any dust on the car and make sure the interior is completely clean. You can store some desiccants in the car to prevent mildew.

7. Remove battery power

Remove both positive and negative power from battery and then store the battery properly on a maintainer. It is better to store the battery in a warm place.

8. Wax the car

To keep the car in better condition, it is recommended to wax it after washing. This helps to protect the paint from the cold environment during winter.

9. Block the exhaust

Get a piece of steel wool that can be fitted to your exhaust pipe. This will prevent any bug or mice or other critters to live in as their winter home.

10. Store the car with car cover

Now park the car to the plastic on the floor you prepared. Park the car without engaging the parking brake and leave the gear in neutral if the car is manual transmission. Now tuck the plastic on the floor and cover the underneath of the car. Last but not least, cover the car with a good quality car cover. Good quality car covers are material that breathes and prevent your car from water.


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