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top carrier for car

This article we will teach you how to choose the best car top carriers that best suit your car and tell you the top five top carriers available in the market today. Car top carrier often is a good option to bring extra things together with you to travel, but there are hundreds of carriers available in the market and you will have to learn which one is the best suit your usage.

How to choose it?

First of all you have to identify what kind of things you want to carry. How heavy are the goods? Is it water resists? Is it bulky? There are several methods you can hook up extra things on top of the car either bicycles or luggage. Here are the top five top carriers available in the market where you can check out their usage, price, and purpose. A great way to save some money is to rent the top carrier rather than buy it if you know you will just use it for once or twice.

Top five car top carriers

Here are some of the most famous car carriers available in the market where you can consider base on your needs.

  • Car Back Carriers – Hook up to the back of the car with a bag.
  • Roof Top Cargo Boxes or Rooftop Boxes – A hard suitcase hook up on the roof of your car.
  • Roof Rack Systems – A rack fitted to the roof of the car and you can place any car top baskets tie to the rack. This method is good for people who want to go travel with their bikes, tents, or canoes.
  • Car Top Baskets – A basket to strap your cargo bags. It is one of the easiest ways to bring extra bags when travelling.
  • Car top carriers bags – An extra bag attach to the rack over the carrier on top of the car.

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