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Car seat laws in Florida


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Car seat laws in Florida have been noticeably outlined in year 2009. The Florida laws require every child that is under 5 years old to be appropriately restrained no matter where they are seated in the car. For children from ages 4 to 5, a child safety seat that attached to the car with safety belt may be used. The law also requires children less than 3 years old must be in a separated car seat, children car seat or a child safety seat that is integrated to the vehicle. Let’s read more detail information about the law and you can also find free sewing pattern for a baby car seat cover in MalaysiaMiniLover.

Each state in America is having different types of car seat law. In Florida, the minimum car seat age is 3, booster age is 5. The car seats law state that children must be restrained to any seat until the age of 5. Take note of the Florida State Seatbelt and car seat laws below:

1. Car Seat Restraint

Car seat restraint is required for children from age 0 to 4 and optional for children above age 4. You are not allowed to simply customize your own car seat under the Florida law.

2. Seat Belt Restraint

Seat belt restraint is not permissible under age 4 and permissible from age 4 to 6. It can be permissible or required for children above 6 years old.

3. Front Seat Allowance

The front seat allowance is not recommended for children under 13 years old and it is permissible for children above 13 years old under the law in Florida.

4. Booster Seat Law

The booster seat law so far is not available for children under 4 years old but it is strongly suggested to use for children between 4 years to 9 years old depends on the children’s weight. It is not necessary for children above 9 years old, and once again it still depends on children’s weight.

Children car seat

There are a lot of child safety seat available for sale in the market. According to Florida law, these child seats are suitable for any child after reaching 25 pounds or more than 25 pounds. Florida law also state that the child safety seat can be place in front seat or back seat, in both direction either facing forward or backward. Alternatively, you can check out how to upholster car seats, car seat cushion.

Children Booster seat

Booster seat is appropriate for children from 4 years old to 8 years old or from 40 to 100 pounds who are still too small to use adult sized seatbelt. Rear facing child seat should never be used in the front seat especially for vehicle that contains active passenger-side airbag that will danger the child. This can prevent children from locked keys in car as well.
child booster seat


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