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Here is the correct way to drop by if you are looking for cheap and reliable automotive car repair ramps. There are many automotive car ramps for sale in cheap price nowadays, but if you are looking for a dirt cheap car ramps, you can always choose to build one yourself. It is not hard while the material is cheap and accessible almost everywhere.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is always the cheapest method to get a car ramps. It is easy to build according to the car you want to lift up either a pickup truck or sedan car for service or repair. Generally, a car ramps are 34” long x 9.75” wide x 9” high and it feature tire stop on the end so that you will know when the car tires are safely on the ramps.

If you would like to DIY a repair ramps, 34” long x 9.75” wide x 9” high will be a good start. 9” high will be able to life the front of rear of a car up to around 8.25” which is faster than using a hydraulic jack because you just have to drive the car on!

Other than DIY, you can get a car ramps as cheap as $29.99 from Discount Ramps easily. Model UR6500 (35” long x 13” wide x 9.25 high”) cost $29.99 and it gives the capacity to life up to 6500 lbs. If you would like to life up any vehicle up to 9000 lbs, you can choose URB9020 (47” long x 13” wide x 9.25” high) at the price of $59.99 which will save you a lot of time to build a car ramps.

Safety guidelines

  • Make sure no kids or any other person stands around the car or the ramps.
  • Before using the ramps make sure the ramps are in good condition and no damage or rust.
  • Use extra jack stand if a person is going under the car to do some work.
  • Place the ramps in line with the car wheels when using it and carefully drive the car onto the automotive ramp until the car wheel is in the correct position on the car repair ramps.

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