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Car Jokes: Kia Suzuki Merger


Well, it’s Sunday. Let’s have some car jokes about KIA and SUZUKI and don’t get so serious about loan, finance, or reviews on any cars.

A Singaporean billionaire did a research on KIA cars and Suzuki cars. The results is now out. Majority people love Peter Schreyer’s design. They want a car that has the outlook of KIA but they prefer to have the power of Suzuki. This has sparked his mind to merge these two car brand. He then set up a joint venture company in Singapore with the purpose to build a hybrid car using Kia’s design and Suzuki technology.

This billionaire has no idea which name to use for the new hybrid. So he called up a meeting for all the high level managers in his company to think a new name for the car. They spent hours and hours to discuss all the pros and cons about naming the new hybrid but no one can bring up a nice name until one cleaning lady in the room raise up her hand and said “KIASU!”

Kiasu means “fear of losing” and it is a common Hokkien word used inSingapore. It is also a philosophy of “Always must win”, “Borrow but never return”, “Everything must grab first”, and “Must not lose face”. That’s the best car name of the year 2011.


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