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Here we tell you all car buying secrets and top 5 secrets of buying a car that only insider, car dealer, and car salesman know. These secrets are hiding among insiders to generate maximum profit from car sales. You can actually save up a lot of money and earn some intangible takings if you know these secrets and learn some tips on purchasing a car.

Here we shared the Top 5 secrets of buying a car.

What to do before go to car showroom

You will need to do some studies like what kind of cars is suitable for you. Which brand do you prefer, model range, performance, car design that you like, market values, trade-in values, rebates, and financing options. You can also choose the car base on the budget and also calculate a monthly car paymentproperly. When a car salesman see you come with all the information, he knew he would not make much money from the deal. All these have to be done before walk in to any car showroom. Therefore, be prepared!

What secrets car salesman will not tell you

Most of the car salesman and dealers are honest, but they work on commission so there is something they will not tell. Take a trade-in case, a customer wanted to trade in a car worth $10,000, and buy a new car at $25,000. Car salesman can give a very good discount to the new car that everywhere else can’t give, but he only offer $5,000 for the trade-in. Thus, learn more about car buying secrets and do not fall in all these tricks.

What to avoid when buying cars

There are things to avoid when buying cars especially new car. You have to be very sure of what you want. This is to prevent buying a car under salesman’s persuade but the car is not what you really want. Things to avoid are such as extended warranty, extra car accessories, car dealer’s scam, and car maintenance plans. All these will cost more to your monthly car payment and it may not useful to you.

Car buying secrets online

There is tons of information available online. You can get any new car price or used car price range from the internet easily and it will help you to save up a lot of time.

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Secret about car prices

Do not ever believe about the published price of a car, it is not the actual price. The published price had already markup a lot and there’s always room to negotiate with the dealer. There are many ways car dealer can make good money from you and let you feel happy to buy the car. They can give you a good discount to let you feel better; on the other hand persuade you to sign up a high APR car loan rate. The best way is to tell any salesman “I am paying cash” even though you are planning to get a car loan. This is to avoid car dealer to play with the monthly payments.

In conclusion, you can always save up a lot of money on buy a new or used car, getting a car loan with low APR rate, getting a cheap and suitable car insurance, and get a car that makes you happy to drive and all you need is to spend 5 minutes to learn all car buying secrets.
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